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The Founder


~ Sandra Dawn Potter ~

I continue to be asked over & over again “WHY DO YOU RUN THIS WEBSITE?”

I want everyone who reads this to know EXACTLY “why” …..

I am just a mother on a mission!
I was one of those parents who thought this type of thing would “never happen to me.”
We lived in a small country town and my mother & stepfather babysat for me
to KEEP THEM SAFE FROM HARM while I struggled & worked the night shift.
I mean, if you can’t trust your own family, who can you trust, right?………..


The day that I walked-in on my stepfather molesting my 5-year old innocent daughter
was the most HORRIFIC & TRAUMATIC moment of my life.
–My world (and hers), as we knew it, had just permanently changed–
On our way to the police station she looked at me and saw me crying.
She was wrapped in only a light blanket–
It was the only thing I could quickly grab as I rushed out of the house with her.
She said, “Mom, don’t cry. It’s okay. We were only playing our secret game.
My heart SANK!!

How could I not have seen the signs?
Why didn’t she tell me?
How did I not know?

I wanted this man to pay for what he did to my daughter!
He confessed to molesting my little girl from the age of 2-5 years old!
I went through every emotion possible from shock, denial,
depression & even suicidal–then finally anger.

Even though he was prosecuted & sentenced to 15-years for CSC 2nd Degree,
It still didn’t seem like enough.
I actually went out & purchased my first handgun
With the intention of serving my own justice,
but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.
My child had already been through enough trauma.

It depends….
Because if any other parent had witnessed what I had to witness that horrific day,
By God, I cannot see how ANY jury could ever have found a parent GUILTY!!

I am convinced if I had known then what I know now,
I would have been able to STOP IT!
So, “THIS” is the reason I started my website.

I had to make a choice that day…..My (immediate) family or my daughter’s protection.

I chose my daughter & haven’t spoken to my “family” in over 16-years now.

I do not regret my decision—and haven’t looked back.

If you don’t stand up for your children, who will????

I know how hard it is to comprehend HOW or WHY an offender victimizes our innocent children

but, the reality is THEY DO!

And, that is why I am here.
I spend countless hours everyday working on my websites, researching &
posting information for my members —
hoping & praying to educate just ONE MORE PERSON
Because for each new member gained  is yet another chance of possibly saving an innocent child.

-I am not a lawyer
-I am not a counselor
-I am not a psychiatrist
-I am not a professional
-I am not a police officer
-I am not doing this for “money”
-I am not doing this for “attention”
-I am not doing this for “publicity”
-I am not doing this for “competition”

I am just an angry & concerned citizen & mother who wants to try to make a difference!!!

I am only here to educate others & offer my services on what I, personally, have experienced and learned along the way…and try to assist anyone who needs my help anyway that I possibly can.

I will not push my views, information, research or my cause
on anyone who is not genuinely interested in learning!

Please help us stop child abuse & neglect.

Child Abuse is Happening Everyday….
By both men & women!Educate Yourself–Learn The Facts–We’ll Show You How…
It only takes a few minutes to look over our site
It could just save your child’s life!!

Educate Yourself—Learn The Facts
This can happen in ANY household–Male or Female
It only takes a few minutes to look over our site
But, the knowledge gained will last you a lifetime.
It could just save a child’s life!
This is a matter of conscience.
I can not, and will not, close my eyes in the face of abuse, fully knowing what is happening to our children and knowing it will continue…
I have been, and I will continue, to be their voice.
If I can save one family from having to go through what my family went through, then I have succeeded!


~ Sandra ~

(Photo on left: My daughter: age 5 – In front of the home she was abused in)
(Photo on right: My daughter & I – before I knew she was being abused)
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UPDATE: 2011 – Earl Frederick Sprague (MI), my daughter’s rapist, died today. May he rot in hell!





UPDATE: 12/19/2015 – My biological mother died today. I had not spoken to her since the day I walked in on my step-father molesting my daughter (21-years ago). She had written me random letters of “apologies” for standing by her child rapist husband, but there was no meaning behind her words; the damage was already done and irreversible. She told me her husband “needed therapy, not prison” … I disagreed and sent him to prison for 15-years.

I broke the silence and I am not ashamed of that! She mentioned in an unsolicited Facebook message to me that she was extremely upset I put “our story” on the internet for all to see. She felt my daughter’s abuse was a *private* matter. Really? I tend to differ!

I will NEVER stop advocating against child abuse – and neither should you! The cycle of abuse must be broken so that the abuse does not continue to pass on from generation to generation. If you know about the abuse, and do nothing, you are JUST as guilty as the abuser himself.

(Photo below: My mother and I – 1968)



I have had to remove people very close to me for asking why I could not just “get over it?” I will never get over it, nor will I forgive those directly responsible for the continued, extensive sexual abuse my daughter endured. And how dare you ask me to!

I did not attend my mother’s funeral. I did what I could to be there emotionally for my siblings, helped take her belongings to a storage, but I did not physically attend. As I said before, I said my goodbye 21-years ago when she stood by her husband even AFTER finding out he raped my toddler child repeatedly, over and over, for years. My mother was an enabler.

Her death was the final chapter to this horrible nightmare. My daughter and I (and my entire family) can now have closure and move forward knowing we have started a new, healthy, non-dysfunctional lifestyle and a new generation. Toxic family members are just as bad as the abusers themselves. Breaking the cycle and keeping my children safe is my TOP priority – no matter the cost – no matter the loss.






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