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product_thumbnailThis comprehensive self-help resource library offers 22 different short e-books available on our Facebook Page to the public. These short reads cover all aspects of child abuse and other important child safety categories. Our hope is these informative e-books help to help further our mission by educating the public on various child abuse awareness and prevention subjects. These e-books offer vital information to parents, caregivers and educators to a variety of harmful behaviors directed against children. Each e-book will also offer important resources and pertinent toll-free numbers to the reader.

  • Below is the list of FREE educational child abuse e-books 
    Child Abuse
    Physical Child Abuse
    Child Sexual Abuse
    Verbal Abuse
    Child Neglect
    Child Abuse Effects
    Sexual Predators
    Report Child Abuse
    Child Protection
    Child Sex Abuse Prevention
    Stages of Recovery
    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Shaken Baby Syndrome
    Family Incest
    Suicide Prevention
    Missing Children
    Family Abduction
    Child Sex Exploitation
    Rape Support
    Domestic Violence


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The Child Abuse Handbook is an educational self-help tutorial with information pertaining to all aspects of child abuse & neglect. It will teach you child abuse signs/symptoms, facts/ statistics, effects, intervention, reporting, prevention, and provide resources to help victims & survivors locate the help they need to obtain a full recovery. This handbook also provides state & local hotline numbers and contact agencies.

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