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Screaming STOP THE ABUSE Found on the netSandra On September - 29 - 2009

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  1. assaassa Says:

    sharon bright and philp bright from waterloo are child abusers just thought id let you know i went threw it since 15 years of age there was a report to the police but nothing was done cause he is a doctor thanks waterloo regional people helping people

    Posted on September 17th, 2010 at 1:48 am

  2. SADFather Says:

    I have filled several reports against my wife, now ex wife of the abuse my children go through ranging from emotional abuse to sexual abuse. I have given up faith in DCS TN to do anything. The most recent sting happened tonight when my daughter informed me she didnt get lunch because her mommy was doing mommy things and she wasnt allow to talk to mommy while she does mommy things. My daughter is 4 years old. She know what a blowjob is and why someone would do that. She misses her mother even while she is with her mother. She informed me that she is going to live with her mommy forever just like her mommy lives with her parents. She also informs me of her mothers naked wrestling matchs with mommies guy friends. I was granted 50% custody of my children when she had the best in Tennessee and I represented myself. How is it that our government can’t find her unfit when the court has already. My ex tried to blame me for more than 13 reports against her, I filed 3. So someone other than myself obviously feels she is abusing my children. Why is it that when a man is accused he loses all rights but when a woman is accused the government does nothing. I dont want to wait until my kids end up in the hospital or worse, What can I do?

    Posted on September 25th, 2010 at 11:25 pm

  3. need help Says:

    i need some help. i need to make a report of child neglect (and possibly abuse) anonymously in the state of kansas and i dont know how! this woman living next to my best friend is terrible! her 5 kids and her all have had lice now for a few months, the girls say that she buys them shampoo once a month but never cleans the house or clothes they were wearing. they also have roaches everywhere. on more than one occasion the girls and the 2 boys have come over asking for food and when asked where their mom was they replied she was sleeping and had said not to bother her. she also has a 17 yr old babysitter that lives there and dresses like a honest to god prostitute and is teaching the girls to dress like her. one of the girls was running around in a bra and jeans because they “saw the babysitter do it.” she also allows her children to skip school whenever they want and the eldest boy is constantly breaking into peoples cars and stealing stuff then tells his mom he “found” it. the kids are always dirty and there is always loud yelling and crying comming from their house and the mom allows the babysitter to have underage drinking parties in her bra and underwear while she (babysitter) is alone with the 5 kids. i also suspect there is drug abuse, the youngest girl saw my friends no smoking sign on her door and said they have one too and that mom only smokes fire and train in the house. im not sure what those two things are but it doesnt sound good. i need help i dont know what to do.

    Posted on October 12th, 2010 at 11:02 am

  4. joel Says:

    someone please help. There is a woman on the internet who is auctioning her child on a votebot on whether she should abort or have the child. This seems like exploitation of a child and the life or death of this poor child will all depend on a votebot that she has set up. The votes go either “abort” or “have baby”. With parents who would almost auction their childs death in a votebot sounds like a very dangerous situation for this child to be in if it is born. Please someone do something and report this to the proper authorities. The womans site is


    Posted on November 21st, 2010 at 4:33 am

  5. Anon Says:

    The website CamVoice.com is broadcasting CHILDREN in sexual situations! Please, please take action to shut this down!!!

    Posted on November 24th, 2010 at 1:05 pm

  6. Adrain Says:

    Hi I sympathize with the parents here I too am puzzled as to what to do. I have been contacting DSS and CPS in my area since August when my child returned bruised. My ex has decided to try for custody because I left the relationship. I am aboslutely peeved that this system does absolutely nothing in helping children who are in danger. It seems as if they would rather wait until something terrible happens then say that they can help when its too late. I am in Sc and any information that anyone knows of that could help me and my family would be greatful. Today my son returned with red marks on both of his legs. In previous incidents when I try to ask the father what happens he laughs. I know he is very unfit. its actually my major reason for leaving. I will do anything I can to make sure that my child is safe. Ive been emailing and going to DSS and other things around the area and DSS has done absolutely nothing except once my ex informed me that they called and asked if he abuses our son and he told them no… AND THAT WAS IT! They did nothing else. I have photos, video, text, emails and it seems like nothing works. I even have audio when these stupid court ordered visits take place and now im being told by my attorney and the mediatior that i could get in trouble WHY? FOR MAKING SURE MY SON IS SAFE? FOR PROVING HE ISNT BEING FED OR CARED FOR, KICKED IN THE HEAD, NOT GIVEN HIS MEDICATION, ETC? The worst thing for me is that I have all these photos, taken him to emergency room, his doctor and his doc tells me to continue being persistant someone will listen well NO ONE IS HELPING?! WHAT GIVES?! No one has even looked at my photos I have. I take photos record, document EVERYTHING! This is a man who has never been involved with my son and doing everything to get to me and hurt me which is so wrong. It hurts. It hurts my child is going with a stranger and because he has excema which mind you hasnt flared up in a long time they are telling me in court they will say its excema NOT bruises! WTH?! I think i know what my son excema flareups look like from a being red behind bruise across his body! I plead for anyone to please please if theres any information that can benefit my son to please forward it to me ASAP. I thank you all and God Bless.

    Posted on January 10th, 2011 at 1:59 am

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