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China Child Abuse Scandal Causes Outrage

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Authorities in China detained a woman suspected of abusing children at a Beijing kindergarten run by a US-listed company in a case that has caused nationwide anger. Police in Beijing’s Chaoyang district said in a statement Saturday that an investigation into a kindergarten run by Beijing-based RYB Education has led to the criminal detention of a 22-year-old female teacher on suspicion of abusing children. The statement, posted on the district police account on the Sina Weibo microblog platform, identified the woman only by her surname, Liu—CNN notes Chinese police often don’t provide suspects’ full names—and didn’t provide further details on her. RYB Education, meanwhile, said it was “extremely shocked and distressed” about the crimes the teacher is suspected of committing. The statement didn’t provide details of Liu’s alleged abuses. READ MORE HERE


Newborn Found Dead Under Porch

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PENNSYLVANIA – Police say a 23-year-old woman left her dead newborn child in a bag under the porch of her father’s Pennsylvania home. Authorities say Brittany Robinson was charged Sunday with criminal homicide, abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence and concealing the death of a child. Police say they believe the baby was born alive. An autopsy is set for Monday night to determine the exact cause of death. READ MORE HERE


Pedophile On The Run for 7-Years Finally Caught

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A sex offender managed to escape justice for seven years by living among monks on a small, Welsh island. Paul Ashton was arrested for downloading thousands of indecent images of children on to his computer. Police raided his home in Bracklesham Bay, Sussex, and seized his computers and electronic devices for analysis in 2004. Ashton was bailed and police discovered a huge haul of more than 5,000 child abuse images. His address was searched again a few months later and more computer equipment was seized. But Ashton fled his home and failed to answer bail.  He remained at large for seven years until 2011, when an anonymous tip-off to Crimestoppers Most Wanted led police to discover him hiding out on Caldey Island. READ MORE HERE


Children Rescued After 4-Years of Abuse

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A couple who embarked on a four-year child cruelty campaign against two children were jailed for a total of 11 years today. Lisa Pratt, 36, and Andrew Clent, 30, from Bampton, West Oxfordshire were convicted of willfully assaulting, ill-treating and neglecting two child victims, who both suffered from physical and psychological harm. Among some of the alleged offences include stopping children using the toilet, force-feeding them and even suffocating a child with a towel until they passed out. READ MORE HERE


Corey Feldman Names Pedos

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Corey Feldman Calls LAPD to Name Pedophile Abusers on Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Mehmet Oz – On today’s show, for the first time ever, Corey Feldman identified one of his alleged abusers: Jon Grissom. Together with our show’s legal counsel, we investigated Grissom, and his background is incredibly disturbing. He’s still a fugitive from justice – if you see him, please notify your local law enforcement. WATCH VIDEO HERE    FULL VIDEO HERE via Dr. Oz

Corey Feldman revealed the name of one his sexual predators to Dr. Oz on Thursday. The 80’s star said the man who attacked him when he was 14 years old is named John Grissom, an actor who had bit parts in some of Feldman’s films including “License to Drive” (1988) and “Dream a Little Dream” (1989).

Dr. Oz makes Corey Feldman report his molesters to LAPD

JON GRISSOM – Jon Grissom: 5 Fast Facts

10 Ways To Escape Toxic People

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How would you know a person is “toxic?” What about them or their behaviors would signal to you that they are toxic? A toxic person is someone who makes you feel a way that you are not, who undermines and mistreats you, and who may come across as kind to others, but is truly manipulative and evil. A toxic person is someone who “infects” (like a disease) your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behaviors in ways that are not good. They may be envious of you, they may try to limit or undermine you, or they may simply ignore any kind of progress you make. A toxic person can be anyone, even a person with a mental health challenge, a close friend, a confidant, and/or a family member. If you are like most people in society, you will find it almost impossible to spot and detach from a toxic person because they can come across as charming, kind, and trustworthy. FIND OUT HOW TO ESCAPE TOXIC PEOPLE HERE

What’s a Toxic Person & How Do You Deal With One? 

Removing Toxic People from Your Life | How to Do It

Toxic People: 15 Things You Need To Escape 

10 Toxic Persons You Should Just Get Rid Of 

Male Nurse May Have Killed Up To 60 Children

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TEXAS – A “killer nurse” who may have killed 60 Texas children, was indicted on a murder charge for the fifth time this year. Genene Jones, 68, was charged Tuesday with killing 2-month-old Paul Villarreal in 1981. Jones was serving consecutive 99-year and 60-year sentences in state prison for previous charges — but was slated to get out in March 2018 under a mandatory release law. However, she will now be sent to an adult detention center while she awaits trial on her new murder charges, according to Nico LaHood, Bexar County District Attorney. READ MORE HERE

Image result for genene jones
Image result for genene jones
Image result for genene jones
Genene Jones
Serial killer
Genene Jones is a suspected serial killer, responsible for the deaths of up to 60 infants and children in her care as a licensed vocational nurse during the 1970s and 1980s. In 1984, Jones was convicted of murder and injury to a child.
Born: July 13, 1950 (age 67), Texas
Children: 2
Criminal penalty: 99 years with triple credit; mandatory release on March 1, 2018
Country: United States of America
Date apprehended: 1982
Parents: Dick Jones, Gladys Jones

Child Rapist On The Run

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GEORGIA – The hammer of justice was about to hit an Atlanta child rapist named Charles Pinckney hard, as his trial was coming to an end. Pinckney, a former Dekalb County, Georgia, corrections officer, was accused of kidnapping and raping a 15-year-old girl near Christmas in 2016. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Pinckney spotted the girl shivering in the cold near an apartment complex. He started talking to the girl and she stated that she was waiting for a friend. According to the teen, Pinckney invited her into his car to get warm and she foolishly accepted. That’s when Pinckney drove her to his home, forced her to take a shower and raped her. After he was done, he took the girl back to the apartment complex he found her at. The teen told her mother, who then took her to the hospital. Doctors at the hospital noted several bite marks on her chest and lacerations near her vaginal area. READ MORE HERE

Facebook Aids In Child Rapist Apprehension

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MEMPHIS, Tennessee — Police say a child predator in Memphis is locked up thanks to help from Facebook. Their computer software apparently flagged inappropriate pictures of a child on Facebook messenger and alerted federal and local authorities. A several-months-long investigation landed Zachary Abram behind bars, charged with exploitation of a minor and statutory rape. READ MORE HERE

Child Abuser Sentenced to 40-Years

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A Spring Arbor woman convicted of abusing her two sons faced Judge McBain Wednesday in Circuit Court. She received her sentencing related to the child abuse incidents that occurred in 2014 and 2015. Tina Harbert, 42, was previously found guilty as charged to two counts of Child Abuse in the First Degree. She was sentenced to 5-20 years on each count. READ MORE HERE

Stepmom Charged With Child Abuse

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 – A Texas couple is facing charges after police said an investigation led them to a horrific case of child abuse. According to a court affidavit,the suspected physical abuse came to light on Sept. 19, when a school teacher in Bexar County contacted police and reported seeing bruises on one of the victims at school. When investigators from the San Antonio Bexar County Sheriff’s Office arrived they examined the 5-year-old girl and contacted Child Protective Services. READ MORE HERE

4 Reasons To Consider A Career In Social Work

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Few career paths offer the same potential for truly rewarding work that social work does. Social work is a fast-growing field and it is also one that is always hiring. While the day to day work of a social worker can sometimes be trying, physically and emotionally, for those who are drawn to the work it is worth every moment.

Studying for a masters in social work online allows students to complete their studies at a slower pace than normal and for a lower cost. This makes it possible to study for the degree while still working at another job or looking after children at home.

Make A Real Difference

As a social worker, you will have the opportunity to make a real difference to people’s lives. The role of social workers in society is to assist the most vulnerable and help them to live the most fulfilling lives possible. Assisting people in need in attaining the most that they are capable of is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world.

Broad social change is built upon the smaller acts of individuals. The sum of all these small actions is to change the general perceptions and prejudices which inhibit social progress. Many social workers feel that what they do allows them to make a difference, not just to individuals but to society as a whole.

New Challenges

Another of the more appealing aspects of a career in social work is that the role of social workers is constantly changing and evolving, regularly offering new challenges as well as potential applications for medical technology.

Approaches taken by the industry also change with the times, as our attitudes towards different illnesses and conditions, as well as the treatment protocols, change. As our understanding deepens, we adjust the way we apply this knowledge to the real world accordingly.

A Growing Industry

The overall field of social working has grown at a steady rate of roughly 19% a year, every year in recent memory. Vacancies for social working jobs are appearing all the time and, consequently, graduates can generally pick and choose what field they want to work in with the reasonable certainty that they will be able to secure employment.

As the United States faces an aging population and the unique set of healthcare challenges that this presents, there are now more retirement communities and similar organizations springing up than ever before. Each of these communities brings with them a number of social working jobs.

Give A Voice to Those Who Need It

As a social worker, you will be allowing those who are most vulnerable and who struggle most to make themselves heard to voice their concerns. You will act as a conduit between patients and the social work system itself. If this kind of work sounds appealing to you, then you should consider looking at MSW online programs.

Social work is among the most rewarding work out there. Not only is the work rewarding, there is also a good amount of job security and the ability to easily move around within the field.


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