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Host a Fundraiser Guidelines & Agreement Form

Dreamcatchers for Abused Children (DFAC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our Federal Tax Id number is: 35-2331592. We appreciate your interest in hosting a fundraising event to advance our mission. We ask that you review the following guidelines and complete our “Host a Fundraiser Agreement Form.” Should you have any questions, please contact us directly at (810) 275-0755 or email us at: dreamcatchersforabusedchildren@gmail.com

DFAC’s style guidelines must be strictly followed at all times. Our name and logo must be used in a manner consistent with the positive and professional image of the organization; and will not be used without prior permission from our organization’s board of directors. All promotional and printed material will be reviewed and approved prior to publication or distribution.

Fundraiser print and promotional materials must clearly state the degree to which DFAC will benefit from the fundraiser. For example: “All Proceeds of this fundraiser will be donated to Dreamcatchers for Abused Children.” or “Fifty percent of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Dreamcatchers for Abused Children.” By partnering with DFAC for a fundraiser, you agree to donate the stated portion of the net proceeds of your event to our charity within the time frame outlined in your “Host a Fundraiser Agreement Form.”

DFAC is not responsible for any financial losses or production costs incurred in conjunction with your fundraiser. DFAC shall incur no costs unless otherwise agreed to in writing prior to your fundraiser.

DFAC will not be a party to any liability coverage and accepts no legal responsibility. DFAC cannot be held liable for any damage, risk or injury in connection with your fundraiser.

The individual, group or organization hosting your fundraiser is responsible for complying with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. DFAC’s name and nonprofit status may not be used to secure any licenses or permits for your fundraising event.

DFAC will provide the individual, group or organization hosting the fundraiser with educational materials/literature when requested.

DFAC reserves the right to terminate an agreement with an individual, group or organization at any time.

Click here to fill out our “Host a Fundraiser Agreement Form


coins in hand


I have had many, many people ask me “What can I do to help?”

I cannot even begin to list the thousands of different ways each & every one of us can contribute. There are many ways to show your support of child abuse prevention. You can donate, volunteer, and advocate for Child Abuse Prevention. Remember that everyone plays a role in the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Your support today can benefit children and their families!


If you are considering making a contribution, DREAMCATCHERS FOR ABUSED CHILDREN has many programs and services that would benefit from your generosity. Your tax-deductible contribution will be designated to promote child abuse awareness, intervention & prevention, along with support services for abuse victims. (All of our services are offered free of charge.) Any contribution you make will help us to fulfill our mission to prevent child abuse. If you have any questions or would like more information please email us at: dreamcatchersforabusedchildren@gmail.com

Donate a Vehicle

Donate your automobile, boat, motorcycle, jet ski or almost any other mode of transportation, working or not. Your donation will help benefit DREAMCATCHERS FOR ABUSED CHILDREN.

Leave a Legacy

“Leave a Legacy” is a campaign to help educate people from all walks of life about the possibility of making an estate gift to their charity of choice. Those of us who are able to give generously during our lifetime, and those who have been unable to make lifetime gifts, can discover ways to make major contributions through thoughtful, well planned wills and other gift techniques. Gifts may be in the form of money, property, investments or a portion of an estate. Gifts can be given simply as a thank you to a beloved organization or to ensure the continued vitality of the community for generations to come. Tax benefits may be derived from these gifts. An attorney, accountant or financial adviser can help determine the type of gift that is right for each individual.


Volunteer your services at your local hospital, United Way, Church, or any local business that may know of abused children or families in need. Ask them how you may assist them to help the victims of abuse such as taking up a collection for toys, clothing, personal items or more.


Ask your church if there something you can do to help local needy children. Many times, members of the church will know which children & families need assistance.

Join Big Brother/Big Sister

Many abused children end up being placed in foster care or temporary shelters. Joining a program such as Big Brother/Big Sister could allow an abused child the opportunity to spend some much needed quality time with loving individuals. Even a few hours a week could make a world of difference to a child in need.

Have a Community Fund Raiser

Why not involve everyone in your community? Organize a community fund raiser & donate a percentage of the funds towards a child abuse organization of your choice. There are many options to choose from:

  • Garage Sales
  • Auctions
  • Bake Sales
  • Car Wash / Pet Wash
  • Golf Outings
  • Walk-a-thon
  • Pledge a Book
  • 50/50 Raffle
  • “Best Sandcastle” / “Best Snowman” Contest
  • Fish Fry / Cook-Offs / Pancake Breakfast
  • Sports Competitions
  • Sell Items on Ebay
  • Returnable Can Collection
  • Bingo
  • Bowling
  • Poker Event
  • Music Benefit/Dance

This is a great fundraising idea where the kids can get involved. Pajama Day at school! Students donate $1 to wear their pajamas on a designated day at school. You could have little grab bags and give them as prizes to the child with the “best dressed” pajamas, most creative, etc. Even the teachers could donate and get involved. Great way to raise school spirit and kids love it.



General Fundraisers For Kids:

Bake Sale Fundraisers – Proof that chocolate krispie cakes can change the world!

Bake Sale Recipes – Read other kids recipes and share your own bake sale favourites.

Barefoot Books – A great company to run a book fundraiser with.

Beetle Drive – A really easy fundraiser the kids can organise themsselves

CakeFest – This simple fundraising event is a piece of cake.

Easy Fundraisers For The Beach – Have fun fundraising at the seaside.

Fundraising Buttons / Badges – Wear your heart on your sleeve – well on your shirt anyway!

Kids Fundraisers

Kids Charity Car Wash -The classic kid’s fundraiser but it works every time

No Uniform Day – But it could also be fancy dress day!

Recycling For Charity – An ongoing fundraiser that can bring in a regular amount


School / Youth Group Sleepover– Always popular (especially with parents!)

Smencils – These are a really popular fundraising product with children.

Spelling Bee Fundraiser – Who’d have thought a spelling test could be such fun!

Teddy Bears Picnic – If you go down in the woods today – Great for pre-schoolers

Toddler Triathlon – The ultimate sporting challenge!

Kid friendly fundraisers for the village fete or school fair:

Angel Festival – Give your fundraising event wings

Colouring Wall – A simple idea but kids love it

Kid’s Bikes – How can you use kids bikes (and scooters) in your fundraising

Kids Competitions for the Summer Fair – Simple kid’s craft competitions

Guess The Number Of Sweets In The Jar – And all sorts of neat variations

Go-Kart Derby – And other go-kart events

Golden Egg – Lots of variations of this fete classic are possible

Lucky Birthdays – A simple fundraiser using people’s birthdays

Paper Airplane Ideas – All it costs you is a sheet of paper

Snail Racing – Molluscs Make Money!

Splat The Rat – 1-2-3- Splat!

Teddy Tombola – A must for any kids fair

Treasure Map – Stake your claim to the hidden gold

Welly Wanging – Throw your wellies in the air!

Wet Sponge Wipeout – Throwing wet sponges at teachers – It can’t get better than that!


Fundraisers Students Can Do

Penny War—Many school groups have already done Penny Wars as a fundraiser … raising as much as $1300! And it’s so much fun! The goal of a Penny War is to collect as many PENNIES as possible in your jar AND put as many NON-PENNIES in everyone else’s jar. Here’s how it works:

First you need to establish teams. They could be grade levels in a school, homerooms, clubs, etc. Each team needs its own labeled container or jar. Money is worth “points” based on its monetary value.

  • Pennies = 1 point
  • Nickels = 5 points
  • Dimes = 10 points
  • Quarters = 25 points
  • $1 Bills = 100 points
  • $5 Bills = 500 points
  • $10 Bills = 1,000 points
  • $20 Bills = 2,000 points

But there another key rule in a Penny War. Pennies give your team positive points—while nickels, dimes, quarters, and any dollar bills take points AWAY from the team’s total. Therefore, you want to put PENNIES in YOUR TEAM’S jar (positive points). But you want to put nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar bills (negative points) in the jars of OTHER TEAMS. The goal is for your team to have the most POSITIVE points by the date for the end of the fundraiser.

“Dress Down Day”—This works well if you have uniforms or a dress code at your school. Have students pay a designated amount to wear casual clothes instead of uniforms.

Have an all-school Talent Show or Karaoke Contest—Groups can pay an entrance fee, guests and vote for their favorite acts with their money. You might even sell refreshments to raise more money.

Donate Allowances—Get your friends to donate a week’s allowance or money they get for doing chores for a certain number of days. Or set a goal for how much your group would like to raise. If you do this as a class or a group, have everyone write down the amount they think they can earn on a secret ballot. Then you can see in advance how much you could possibly raise together! Even small allowances add up when you have a group participating!

Have a Birthday Party (teens and all ages) Instead of receiving gifts, ask guests to bring a cash gift (or check) equal to what they’d typically spend on a gift.

“African Safari Theme” Party (for younger guests)
Ask guests to dress up in safari gear (khaki clothes) or as their favorite animal. Decorate with safari-colored balloons and streamers (brown, tan, green, yellow). Play jungle sounds and music. Consider these activities and come up with your own:

  • Make lion cupcakes
  • Play “pin the tail on the lion”
  • Have animal face painting for your guests
  • Go on a safari around your house or yard to find hidden animals (stuffed animals, small animal figurines, or animal pictures printed off the Internet)
  • Watch an African-themed movie (ex: Madagascar)
  • Instead of gifts, ask parents to send a contribution

Ideas for PTAs, Youth Groups, All School, and Adult-Sponsored Groups

Sell Something—T-shirts, baked goods, candy bars, donuts, homemade jewelry, cookbooks, greeting cards, etc. One group chose some children’s artwork, made greeting cards, and sold them. Or how about a “used toy” or “used sports equipment” sale to raise money to help African kids who really just need the basics to make their life better.

Silent Auction—Ask individuals and businesses to donate items for your auction. Classes or groups could create a themed basket, such as a spa basket or a movie night basket. Individuals might donate services or homemade goods. Hold your silent auction at the same time as another event when you might draw a crowd: sports event, play or choral concert, family game night, etc. At your auction table, have individuals fill out small slips of paper with the amount they are willing to pay for the item they are bidding on and their phone number so you can call them if they’ve won. Don’t forget to publish the retail value of each item in your auction.

Car Wash—This could coincide with another school event, such as a Saturday morning sports event. Be sure to publicize well and let people know what you’re raising funds for.

Ticket Sales—This is an easy fundraiser and the dollars can add up if the event draws a big crowd. Donate a portion of the proceeds from your school play/musical/choral concert/sporting event/talent show ticket sales. Add $1 or $2 on to the ticket cost, and give those proceeds to KC4K. Be sure to let people know that it’s a benefit event.

 “Shave a Teacher’s Head” Drive—Find at least three teachers who are willing volunteers and have students vote (with money put in a secure collection container) on which teacher they’d like to see shave his/her head. The teacher with the most votes (money in their collection container) loses their hair. Another option is: Find a volunteer teacher, parent or staff member who is willing to shave their head if students reach a specific fundraising goal.

Host an all-you-can-eat potato bar, taco night, or spaghetti dinner—Try to get all the food and supplies donated so the proceeds from tickets can go to help kids in Africa through KC4K. You can have student groups (choirs, orchestra, etc.) perform at the dinner. Or maybe some teachers have a hidden talent that would draw people to your event!

Have a 50/50 raffle at a school event—Sell tickets for $1, $5, or $10 with the winning prize worth half (or less) of the amount of ticket sales.

Raffle off a donated item. This could be services donated by a business, gift certificates from a local restaurant, an iPhone, or even a vacation timeshare.

Board Game or Chess Tournament—Have teams or individuals pay an entry fee to play. If you wish, set up a concession stand to earn extra money. Have a local business donate a prize for the winner(s) to entice more to enter.

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament—Get sponsors for your tournament and have players wear a charity cause t-shirt.

Pancake Breakfast—Hold a pancake breakfast on a Saturday morning. Plenty of advertising will bring in hungry guests! Charge by the plate or ask for donations.

Gift Wrap Holiday Presents—Get permission to have a gift-wrap station at a store or mall during the holidays and wrap gifts in exchange for donations to KC4K. A Girl Scout Troop or youth group could do this as an activity.

Gather Loose Change—Call your fundraiser “Change for Good” or “Change for Change.” Provide labeled jars or bottles for people to put their change in, then pick a date for collecting and counting all that change.

More Fundraisers for Any Age

Sponsorships—Run a marathon or race and designate your sponsorships to a charitable cause.

Musical groups can play their instruments at the local farmer’s market or in a public place where you have permission and give the proceeds to a charity. Be sure your sign clearly states what you’re raising money for!

Clean houses or garages for donations to donate to a charity.

Have a garage/yard sale with proceeds going to help kids.

Collect recyclable items from friends and neighbors in states where they pay for recycled aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

Rake leaves/shovel snow in your neighborhood. Leave each customer a flyer about your charity of choice.

50 Fundraising Ideas

Do-It-Yourself Fundraising Ideas


Spread the Word

Tell everyone you know about what you’ve learned about child abuse! Spread the word & educate others. Distribute informative brochures, hotline crisis numbers, statistics & signs/symptoms for them to look for.Teach them how to keep their children safe. Teach other parents how to check their community for registered sex offenders–check who their neighbors are–who the daycare providers are–who the bus drivers/teachers are.

Education & Knowledge is the Key to Prevention!!!!!



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    Our company is doing a series of events totaling six with the finale called Battle Of the Bands. We will have five events in total one in each of the following cities hays, Dodge City, Salina, Wichita and Kansas City with a sixth show in being the finally in Salina. Out of the first five events there will be the top three contestants, first place winner is chosen to continue to the finale where they have a chance to compete against each other for the Kansas Battle of The Bands State winner who will land a record deal with http://www.axcesstalet.com . We wanted to fund raise at three of the six events for “Dream Catchers For Abused Children”. Please email me directly and let me know how me can get this in place and what material, banners etc you might have for the events.

    Eric Smith

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