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Terrence Tykeem Presents “Touched” (Full Length Version) from PeterParkkerr on Vimeo.

Tracy Underwood
I love everything about your organization. I posted this one other time and your site inspired me. I am a survivor! I hope that this video and song I wrote touches many! Please share! ~ xoxo Super T


NOTE: We received an email from Dr. Petrak regarding our “Final Dreamcatcher Presentation” video (above). Since we are unable to edit the video, we are sharing the information he provided as we feel it is important for the public to know. We thank Dr. Petrak for this information!!

I came across your website from a link on another child abuse survivor Facebook page.  Overall, I was impressed with your organization and webpage.  I am always looking for child abuse resources that may be useful to patients, students, etc.  I was watching a video entitled Final DreamCatcher Presentation and there were a few things that caught my attention that I wanted to bring to yours.  As a child abuse pediatrician, I recognized many of the photos you used in the video  as they are from an AAP set of photos that many of us use for teaching.  I noted however that there were at least 3 photos of things that were mimics of abuse or things that could be confused with abuse that aren’t.  In particular, the pictures I noted were a pictures of coining or spooning at 5:38 and 6:54 in the video and cupping at 6:59.  Coining or cao gio is common is many Asian cultures and involves rubbing warmed oils and then a coin or spoon against the skin to draw off the excess wind in the body.  Cupping is also practiced in many cultures and involves placing a cup with warmed air in it over the skin so that air is drawn up into the  cup, which is thought to help with flow of blood, lymph, etc.  These practices are not abusive, but can be confused with abuse by some who aren’t aware of the practices.  I am letting you know about this because I am sure that you would want your video to be accurate and culturally sensitive.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  Thanks for spreading the word about child abuse and standing up for children.

Channing Petrak, MD
Medical Director
Pediatric Resource Center
University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria
530 N. E. Glen Oak
Peoria IL  61637
Ph. (309)624-9595
Fax (309)624-9694




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