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Incest Survivors United Voices of America


I.S.U.V.O.A. supports men, women and children that have suffered from the effects of sexual violence and child abuse. We draw upon our own personal experience and knowledge as survivors that have endured these tragedies ourselves. We blend together our insights and unique perspectives in a way that is rarely seen to help others gain understanding to heal and be empowered as well to become more than just mere survivors. We hope that you enjoy our website as we each share our unique stories we each have in our journey as individuals and as friends. Our hope is that you can be encouraged and empowered to continue on the journey just as we have to find the peace of mind, strength and understanding to rise up against the devastating effects of abuse just as we have done. We share the hope that is within us to help you and others understand that healing is possible and that together we can make this world a safer place for your children today.

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About Incest Survivors United Voices of America

Incest Survivors United Voices of America was founded on January 29, 1997 by Cecibel Contreras. Today she is joined with other contributors adding their personal experiences and knowledge to offer a unique blend of resources to help men, women, children and couples to heal and be empowered to overcome the effects of sexual abuse and incest.

Join us in our journey of hope. Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments either in private or in public. We hope to empower, encourage and inspire victimized children, adult survivors and families affected by incest, sexual assault, rape, molestation and relationship violence by providing resources, a safe haven and the support to “Live Beyond Sexual Victimization”.


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