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Young Girl Beat Infant Boy


I am the CEO & Founder of DREAMCATCHERS FOR ABUSED CHILDREN which is an Official 501(c)3 Non-profit Child Abuse & Neglect Organization dedicated to child abuse awareness, education & prevention.

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  1. RBleymaier says:

    I’m not excusing what she did, but she is also a child. People are calling for her to be beaten, tortured, and killed for this- and that is wrong. She clearly has mental health issues and that is not her fault. It is sad for the little boy and for her.
    She needs help and her parents need to be investigated. As for the people calling her horrible names and saying to kill her… you don’t know her situation… you may be saying that about an abused child… and two wrongs don’t make a right!!!
    Punishing someone for being mentally ill is like punishing someone for having cancer. She’s a victim here as much as the boy is. With the right interventions and treatment, she could possibly have a bright life ahead of her, without violence in it… she is only ten, after all!
    We should be focusing on healing and teaching people and rehabilitating them so that they won’t have destructive and dangerous behaviors and can even become productive members of society. Yes, they need watching and caution, but yes, they can and should be allowed a chance, also, to lead full lives after something like this. Both these children need compassion.
    They are both victims of the violence and mistreatment by adults, one directly, and one indirectly through another child…

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