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Abuse Pictures

**WARNING** (Graphic Images—Parental Discretion Advised)

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Please be warned: Graphic Images!

We are all experts at blocking things from our mind and blinding our eyes to the horrible realities of everyday life. However, when we are confronted with pictures of child abuse, there is no way we can ignore the child abuse and neglect that many innocent children have to deal with on a daily basis. Pictures of child abuse pierce through the heart of the even the most rock callous of human beings. The lost innocence, the hidden pain and the helplessness that these children emanate move each and every one of us to become involved in the protection of our children.

If you have never met an abused child, look for child abuse pictures and stare into the eyes of that child. The experience will change you forever. You might not be able to dedicate all your time to our cause, but by helping our organization either with time/volunteering, spreading awareness, educating yourself, or donations, you are DOING YOUR PART.

Let’s make sure there are no more child abuse pictures in the world!


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