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Posted by Sandra On April - 12 - 2010


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Chauncy Richard–3/31/2010

Dreamcatchers-thank, thank, thank you for the awareness you bring daily to the growing problem of people, who have the authority and obligation, to protect children, and ARE FAILING miserably being held accountable!  For those of us who do care, UNITED we must stand, gender and race neutral, to hold these sickos accountable! More importantly!! Create deterrance!! Or severe penalties including death!!

Tennessees Missing—3/31/2010

Dreamcatchers, keep up the awesome work you do. I read your reports throughout the day. Reading your reports was a motivating factor in me going back to school to become a social worker and I am hoping that will allow me to help some of these children. Thanks again for all of your hard work. God Bless


My favorite website by far is Dreamcatchers For Abused Children….check it out..I found such healing…such care and compassion the moment I stumbled upon it one day last fall while researching for MRU and child rights….and I tell you I am not looking back…Dreamcatchers For Abused Children changed my life..changed… my heart…helped me to feel good inside and I hope everyone will take the time to go there and really look around and see all the blood, sweat, and tears that Sandra and Donna and all the other contributors have put into it for people like me….so AWESOME!!

LAURIE ANN — 1/9/2010
Hi everyone, yesterday I spent a couple of hours looking around the main website for Dreamcatchers For Abused Children and the amount of information available about the work that is being done to raise awareness and prevent child abuse is amazing. From child abuse signs & symptoms, child abuse recovery, child protectio…n law, coordinating and providing education for law enforcement and other child abuse agencies, coordinating and funding awareness education, providing support for individuals, community education and outreach, it’s all there. I encourage everyone to spend some time there to see the awesome work that is being done!

My name is Katherine Tobias…soon to be Katherine Lotshaw. I found your page and just wanted to say how much I love what you are doing for people that come from an abusive background. Myself, I was abused from 8 to 11 then placed in foster care….My parents put me in foster care because I had tried to tell my mother what my father had did and he convinced her to put me in the system thinking I would just shut up and not tell anyone…He made a huge mistake. I told. I was in foster care from 11 to 16 and shortly after my 16th birthday I was brought back to my parents house…Where my mentally handicap little sister had always been. No matter how hard I tried they never took my baby sister from that hell hole. It’s people like you that make me feel I am not fighting this battle alone and that there is hope and maybe one day all this will end and children can feel safe again. I know it has taken a long time for me to feel safe…My soon to be husband has woken up many of nights when I would have night terrors about my past he has been great threw all of it even though it took 4 yrs for me to be able to tell him everything. I got out but my little sister is still in that place and I feel like such a bad person for not going back there and getting her out but I know that I can not do that. My mother will never believe what is going on in that house and with my sister’s mental state they are both her legal guardians and no matter what I would try to do I would never be able to get her out. Looking at your page and seeing all the survivors…It brought tears to my eyes knowing that I am not the only one that had to deal with this my whole life and now that I am getting married I can finally say I made it out alive and I am a survivor! It feels good knowing that no one can take that away from me and that I am out for good. I am just so happy that people like you exist…I had a few therapists and they always ended up leaving due to pay cuts and this and that but the ones that stayed they made such a difference. Your organization is one of few that will stand up and do what is right for the little voices that no one ever hears..Thank you. You are the light at the end of a dark hallway. This site is a GODSEND!  Thank you, Katherine Tobias-Lotshaw

As a survivor of child molestation, I would like to thank you for the amazing job you are doing! After I was assaulted I felt so alone, and your web site shows me, and many others, that we are not alone! Keep up the good work! Your story inspires me to stand up for any other child that, like I once was. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.  ~Jennifer L. Jones

I want to thank you for all that you do here on this website. I like you had a child that was sexually abused by a family member.  I never wanted that for either of my children for I, myself am I survivor of sexual abuse. Even after thirteen years of counseling still have certain words, sounds and smells that trigger bad memories. I also have a hard time remembering the good times within my life so now when certain songs play they trigger the good ones. Weird I know but that is how it has worked for me. I did a lot of hurtful things to myself over the years trying to forget that ugly past and now with nearly 6 years of recovery from alcohol and drugs many  years of therapy have become a strong woman. Do not ever beat yourself up for not seeing the signs of what happen to your beautiful daughter because the abusers are very manipulative and threaten their victims. They will offer candy, money, movies and tell their victims this is love. They threaten victims by saying if you tell I will kill myself, you, your mommy, your siblings etc. I know been there and done that.. Heard it all when it was happening to me. My daughter went through hell fighting her abuser and his family with hateful comments, looks and emotional abuse. My daughter was gracious enough to ask for only 25 years for this person for a plea on the condition he never be allowed minors ever again including his new baby. I say this cause if they had gone to court he would have been sent away for 85 years. So stop beating yourself up know that if noone else has said it today I LOVE YOU!   Thanks again, Irene

LISA MARIE—11/20/2009
I Came Across This Page about a week ago. I think what you are doing is the most amazing things. Im nineteen years old and sadly just as all these other children i was abused and molested as a child. I think it is horrible what people can do to there children. I was molested by my babysitter from the ages of 5-9 and my mother never believed me. When my sister left home my father would get drunk and beat on me..He tried to kill me he cut my body up from head to toe..i have over 60 scars from this. I will never forget what i went threw. I will never forget the abuse i went threw and will never forget how my mother never let me do anything about it. I think what your doing is so caring. Children just need somebody sometimes. I had no one but myself. i fought everyday for my life. I hope that one day there will be something that can help all those children. I think what you are doing will help. You are a good person for what you are doing. I wish there where so many more people in the world that cared as much as you do. I wish i would have had someone like you when i was little. Thank you for everything you are doing.. You truely are a hero..God Bless You..

I just had a chance to watch the video on Baby Brianna.  My heart is so broken.  Thank God for Dreamcatchers for abused children.  What you guys do everyday is so amazing.  I can only imagine how many lives you have helped save.  Baby Brianna will live in my heart forever along with all abused children.  Thank you Thank you Thank you for doing everything you do to protect the children!   Much luv and respect—Brittina

MIZ (CW)–Date:10/21/2009
hi there! my name is celina. i just wanted to say that i jus recently saw your profile and was in tears!! i never ever in my life thought that child abuse was gettin so bad. i really appreciate the fact that u took the time to create something to meaningful on ur page. it has opened my eyes and made me realize how severe child abuse is becoming! i dont personally know you but from everything on your profile i would have to say that you truely inspired me to actually take action towards child abuse and fight to stop it. i recently sent an email to everybody i knew with the link to your myspace page and they are spreading it around as well. i must say that the material on your myspace page has really opened up my eyes, including everyone i know. we really just wanted to say that its awesome that you took the time to set up something this beautiful and inspiring! i dont want to sound er…. cheesy i gues? but thank you SOO much, if it wasn’t for me viewing your page i would never have had a change of heart. you truely created something beautiful here.

I really have to thank you for having the courage to show people it can happen to anyone I am seventeen years old and i honestly can’t remember my childhood except the beatings my mom would get for trying to take care of me i remember me crying everytime i had to go with a man that hurt me. When i was sick laying in bed at four years old being told to suck it up and take care of myself from a man that hasn’t seen me now for 13 years. when i tried to see the other side being reminded by that sound of the beer can cracking open.I have been though alot i was 14 when i got sexually assaulted by one of my friends while the other held me down. i sat there thinking to myself what did i do wrong to deserve this kind of treatment from men, then i realized it wasn’t me it was them i just thank god for my mom being there to take care of me all this time on her own. she has been really sick and i just can’t imagine loosing her when she has made me who i am . people think it wont happen to them but i know all to well it is more common then a cold at sometimes . you are doing a great thing and i really appericate it cause you are speaking for me when i was to young to have the words. everyone deserves to have a chance to be loved and with out my mom and her support i wouldn’t have that, that is what you are giving is support and awareness and i thank you for that. people need to see the truth even when it hurts. Thank You for speaking for the ones who haven’t gotten the chance yet and maybe never will. You make a difference. Thank you again, Shaylynn  (Surviving with the love of a good mother)

Donna–Date:Jul 18,2009
Subject: Want to thank, Dreamcatcher for abused Children
You have helped me come out of my shell, when I needed to have someone listen to me . you have been a god sent , you have no clue how you help people everyday. sure what you post is sometimes not happy, but their is nothing happy about children getting abused. if it was happy it would mean there wasn’t no more abuse in the world. but that doesn’t happen. just want everyone to know you are doing a great job. so keep on posting . I have learned to smile again . since I learned how to open up and tell people what happen to me as a child wasn’t easy .but I sure am glad I did I feel 100 % better about me and now I can look in the mirror for the first time and I like who I see. thanks to her.

Nixmary Brown Soldiers–May 21, 2009
Your page is the most important page on myspace. GOD bless you and all of your team. You are amazing. I am here for you. I advocate against child abuse and hold rallies in New York. Additionally, we are trying to pass a nationwide law titled Nixzmary Brown Law Nationwide. Please continue to fight the good fight. Rosey

Midge–Mar 31, 2009
Dreamcatchers is a cause I am committed to because it is keeping me awake and beginning to mobilize me to see my part in the solution to helping our nations children. I stand in strong belief of the Integrity of Dreamcatchers…Nothing will change my mind about the purity of desire behind this work for our nations children.
Midge–Professional Counselor–Pastor of Prayer and Discipleship

Pips–February 22,2009
Well I’m not a mother,but I just wanted to tell you that I think it’s amazing what you’re doing and reading your profile has opened my eyes to so many things .  My neighbor was arrested for abusing his daughter … Thanks to YOU, I was able to see the signs and understand her and reported him ..Thank you so much and keep doing a great job!

Andrea–Feb 21, 2009
hello. i wanted to express how much i appreciate ur page & cause. it has honestly made a difference within my life since i myself am a survivor of abuse. in some ways it has actually help me cope which i was unable to do for a few years. i have posted some of the facts i have found on ur page on my page to try help make people aware also.  You have honestly made a difference within my life. Your page pulled me out of a deep depression and educated me. I am now no longer ashamed of being a victim of molestation because you i can now stand strong and say i am no longer a victim I am a survivor. Thank u very much it is people like you who make a difference i know you have made a difference within my life. thank u very much. always, Andrea

Krista–Feb 21, 2009
Hi Sandra, I wanted to tell you that you are truely a blessed and courageous woman…I’m sure you do know that. I found your myspace for abused children as I was looking for pics to put on mine…and WOW! You have inspired me more to do what God wants me to do. Thank you for helping those in need. What a gift you are. I want to help abused children. I’ve been thinking of fostering and doing fundraisers for shelters. I wanna reach the ones who need help in anyway that I can. Thanks again.

Judy–Feb 21 2009
This site is one of the best use of “Myspace” content I have run across!! Thank you for what you are doing and continue to do for those who cannot speak for themselves!! Take care my friend, Judy

Jen–Feb 13, 2009
Hey! my names jennifer and i just wanted to say i looked at your website and your story was very impacting, i just wanted to say that i hope you daughter is doing ok and that i hope that you can help more people and abused kids. just tell me what i can do to help! and i think that you are a great person for doing what you are doing, and im sure that those millions of kids are so thankful for people like you. Getting things out like this is very important, when i looked at you page i thought oh my gosh could this of really happend to those poor kids. i thought things like that just didnt happen! boy was i wrong! just let me know what i can do to help!!!!

DAVID—Feb 8, 2009
Your myspace was part of a power point in my church. It was veiwed by 78 people/ it made people cry/ it was so powerful we just might show it next sunday/with your blessing of course! THE RESULTS– 1 guy arrested for touching a kid in the nursery. Children are no longer silent here! Thank you for all you do and GOD bless!

MARISSA— Jan 30 2009
Honestly I have never read any of your bulletins, because I am a survivor of severe abuse, and I knew what each of the stories you post would say. I lived it, and I was afraid to live it again…But tonight I made up my mind to check out your page. What you do is amazing, no matter what anyone says. I cried for an hour before writing this, because your page rocked me to my core. You are truly an angel, you just have not gotten your wings yet…Please let me know anyway I can help. Please, ask of me, and I will give whatever you need help with my all. You are a saint, and God Bless You! You are truly one of the last few good people left!

JANICE—Dec 31, 2008
We All Have Scars and Pretend We Don’t, This is Hard to Look At but Past Time WE Do Something!! God Bless, My Prayer Is For All Who Have Been Abused and I will say this Prayer Every Day, Love Janice

TABBY-CAT—Dec 28, 2008
This page is a blessing for me… i was sexually abused when i was little and my aunt introduced me to this page because i wanted to cut… it let me see that there is other people out there that went through even worse than me… unfortunately. so i wanted to thank you… you kept me from hurting myself once again last night… thanks.

DENEA—Nov 16, 2008
You are a blessing to so many but escpecially those who don’t have the resources to fight for their kids or children the think or know are being abused or neglected. so many in my experience don’t have a clue about the reality of this problem everyone seems to want to ignore. hopefully after viewing your site and your liked sites they will have a clue and they can no longer ignore it. God bless you, you’ve given me more hope.

I had a life time of abuse. If I would of seen something like this page in my childhood, I would have told someone and made them believe me. I am healed because the Lord touched my life.

DD—Nov 14, 2008
Thank you for the add. And thank you for being there for the hurting and for me. It mean’s alot to me to have someone out there that care’s for the hurting and abuse. May God bless you for what you are doing and angel’s watch over you at all time’s.

RICK—Nov 12, 2008
You have a very eye opening page, Its very well put together, Thank You for caring about the children in need, I fully support your efforts.

EDDIE—Nov 5, 2008
Just stopping by to say Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work, your pages are a wonderful resource and inspiration. Thank you for making a difference!

MARY—Nov 1, 2008
I am so proud to have u as my friends! I am making sure I tell everyone on my space and friends and family I know about your page so they will pass the word and awareness of abused children . People I tell do look on Dreamcatchers and can not look at all of the pictures even though I tell them it will be upsetting but, I want many others to see this is happening to so many little ones not all children are blessed to have love from the beginning from their homes . God bless you! and lets keep protecting the children they need us. I wish Georgia would have a Dreamcatchers Thank you take care

TANKO—Sep 28, 2008

HEATHER—Sep 25, 2008
I looked over your page and I think what you guys are doing is amazing…its something that needs to be put out there, I will share your site to others. if there is anything I can ever do for you…im always here, just comment/message me anytime okay? tc and god bless P.S There is hope much love Heather-


By the time you finish reading this, 15 children will have been abused; In the next five minutes, 30 more; Within the next hour, 360 more; And by tonight, close to 8,000+ children will have suffered from abuse, 5 of which will die. Child abuse has increased 134% since 1980 and is now considered a worldwide epidemic. The high jump in child abuse deaths and the shocking increase in statistics highlights the frightening lack of public knowledge.

Educate Yourself -- Learn the Facts
It May Just Save a Child's Life!!

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