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Paddling Still in Schools

Posted by Sandra On August - 16 - 2010

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Duncan: School bullying now a top federal priority

Day one of national summit on bullying provides tips to schools, dispels common myths

“Are we modeling positive values and moral behavior around children?” “Schools need to cultivate an environment of trust and accountability for their students,” said Duncan. “Victims of bullying aren’t ‘tattletales;’ they’re being responsible. We, as adults, must also present consistent and sustained model behavior for children.”

Video of a recent Fox News Panel discussion  “The Push to Ban Paddling in Schools” is available online at Opposing Views where panelists are shocked to learn that corporal punishment is still used in schools in 20 states and state that it is medieval, and they refer to Memphis City Schools Board Member Whalum’s assertion that detention doesn’t work in poor, largely populated areas.  The panel comes to the conclusion that there has to be a better way for schools to discipline students than by the pain and humiliation of paddling.

Some parents in the U.S. are unable to protect their children from overhearing school employees hit children with wooden paddles in hallways in school.  This is my family’s situation.  We don’t hit our 3 children, never have.  It shocks our conscience everyday that children are physically hit with wooden boards by school employees to deliberately inflict physical pain and suffering as punishment in schools in some states, when the practice is already illegal in schools in 30 states and prohibited by Federal law in prisons and juvenile detention centers.  An Enfield, Conn. High School Teacher is facing sexual assault charges after being accused of spanking a female student in class in stark contrast to a recent incident where over a dozen high school girls in Alabama received “Spankings” for prom dresses that were too revealing.  Note the disparity.  For a real education of what is really happening to our children in our tax-payer funded schools simply type “A Violent Education” and “School is Not Supposed to Hurt” into an internet search engine to review recent shocking reports.

The TRUTH is that school children are treated differently in our great nation based on where they live. A black middle school student in Texas DIED by having his chest crushed when his teacher sat on him to restrain him and ignored his pleas that he could not breathe, he died on the classroom floor in front of his classmates (this teacher is teaching in another state), a Texas high school student suffered deep bruising and welts to his lower back, buttocks and back of his legs when he received 21 “licks” with a wooden canoe paddle, which broke during the beating and had to be taped to continue the beating, a 9-year old Georgia 3rd grader suffered deep bruising injuries when he was paddled with a WOODEN PADDLE 3 TIMES IN ONE DAY (Decatur Co., GA affirmed Corporal Punishment Policy 9/17/09 for school children) and a Publicly Funded Charter School in Memphis, Tennessee physically punishes middle/high school boys and GIRLS weekly during a ceremony called “Chapel” by hitting them with wooden paddles and/or whipping their hands with leather straps IN FRONT OF ALL THE OTHER STUDENTS AS A DETERRENT to publicly induce shame, humiliation and fear! The school employees in the above actions have LEGAL IMMUNITY and are STILL paid by our tax-dollars to be ENTRUSTED with the care and education of our children!

Decades ago, no one questioned corporal punishment of children in schools (Illegal in Schools in 30 States today) and police tended to think of domestic abuse as a private matter between husband and wife, rather than a criminal act.

Instances of physical and sexual abuse regularly occur in our public-school systems which is why we must make our collective voices heard to Demand U.S. Education institute nationwide policies and practices of zero tolerance for abusers, compensate victims for counseling as long as needed and implement background checks and educational programs for all employees and volunteers in order to identify and prevent child sexual and physical abuse.

Our children are worth the effort to protect them and we must demand “Best Practices” that teach children “discipline” through non-violent practices in schools. Students must be taught why what they did was wrong and given the tools to improve behavior/decision making skills while empowering them with awareness to their human right to integrity of their bodies (hands-off!) in our schools and society.

My husband and I are parents of 3 children attending schools in an unresponsive Paddling School District, Houston Co., Tennessee  We are unable to protect our 3 children (whom we do not hit) from witessing/overhearing classmates being threatened/hit with Wooden Paddles by teachers just outside class for minor infractions such as not turning in homework, horsing around, etc.  Then the battered student is further humiliated when they immediately return to their seat with a red and tear-stained face.  Tennessee State Law does Not require Parental Consent or Notification for children to be physically/corporally punished at school.

Federal and Tennessee State Government Officials have informed us that the very important matter of our children’s health and safety in school is a “Local Issue” left up to autonomous school district governing board members.  My husband and I made a written/verbal presentation to our local school board members in April 2008 during “National Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month” to Demand they Prohibit Physical/Corporal Punishment of Children in our schools, to date, August 2010, we have received no response, no phone call, no letter, they have IGNORED US!

Volumes of research indicate harm and learning impairment to the healthy development of children subjected to and witnessing corporal punishment.  We are vehemently Opposed to our children’s learning environment including fear, anxiety, dread and humiliation and outraged that all U.S. tax-paying citizens are not receiving EQUAL access to safe and healthy learning environments for our children.

Our nation’s most prominent and trusted Children’s Health and Education Organizations have issued Official Position Statements Opposing Corporal Punishment of Children in Schools.

School corporal punishment of students is a children’s human rights violation and a violation of our nation’s constitution ensuring every individual the right to equal protection and due process.

H.R. 5628 “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act” was introduced to Congress on 29 June and referred to the House Committee on Education and Labor. It requires 25 votes to move it on to the next stage: as of 27 July it had 21 votes.  Please contact your U.S. Congress Representative and urge them to Co-Sponsor/Support H.R. 5628 “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act.”

Julie Worley

Parent of 3 Children attending Schools in an UNRESPONSIVE Paddling School District

Houston County, Tennessee (gworley1@netzero.net)



By the time you finish reading this, 15 children will have been abused; In the next five minutes, 30 more; Within the next hour, 360 more; And by tonight, close to 8,000+ children will have suffered from abuse, 5 of which will die. Child abuse has increased 134% since 1980 and is now considered a worldwide epidemic. The high jump in child abuse deaths and the shocking increase in statistics highlights the frightening lack of public knowledge.

Educate Yourself -- Learn the Facts
It May Just Save a Child's Life!!

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  1. Jordan Riak Says:

    “Corporal punishment” is a euphemism for “assault and battery.” As it pertains to hitting schoolchildren with a wooden instrument, it’s “assault and battery with a deadly weapon.” And, considering the area of the anatomy that is assaulted, it’s “sexual battery.” A perpetrator of sexual battery against an adult faces serious prison time if convicted, but when the identical act is committed by a teacher against a schoolchild, the perpetrator is shielded, even applauded. It is typically described in language calculated to disguise and mitigate its obscene qualities, even render it funny, e.g., “a little tap on the butt to get her attention,” or “a pop on the bottom to let him know you’re serious.” It happens approximately 1/4 million times per year in the 20 U.S. states where it’s legal. Surely, this explains why so many American children — the ones who are unlucky enough to attend school in such places — take with them one enduring lesson from their school experience: Stone Age problem-solving skills.

    Jordan Riak

    Posted on August 16th, 2010 at 10:59 pm

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