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How Police Deal with Investigating Child Abuse

Posted by Sandra On February - 2 - 2010

Posted: 9:06 PM Feb 1, 2010

How Police Deal with Investigating Child Abuse
The horrors of child abuse can be difficult to listen to when you hear news reports. But when it’s your job to get the facts and basically save a child, it can take a toll.

Dealing with Child Abuse

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) — The horrors of child abuse can be difficult to listen to when you hear news reports.

But when it’s your job to get the facts and basically save a child, it can take a toll.

WSAZ.com’s Amanda Barren explains how State Police prepare themselves and deal with cases of true despair.

When it comes to child abuse, the images are gut-wrenching and the numbers are growing. It also means seeing the world in a different way for the folks on the front lines.

In West Virginia, lawmakers are being asked to fund more police officers to deal with crimes against children.

So far, members of the West Virginia State Police have had a 100 percent conviction rate when it comes to these situations.

State Police First Lt. D.L. Frye says communication with officers is key, as well as some time away from the graphic nature of investigating child abuse.

SOURCE: http://www.wsaz.com/home/headlines/83306437.html

By the time you finish reading this, 15 children will have been abused; In the next five minutes, 30 more; Within the next hour, 360 more; And by tonight, close to 8,000+ children will have suffered from abuse, 5 of which will die. Child abuse has increased 134% since 1980 and is now considered a worldwide epidemic. The high jump in child abuse deaths and the shocking increase in statistics highlights the frightening lack of public knowledge.

Educate Yourself -- Learn the Facts
It May Just Save a Child's Life!!

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  1. gena mccarty Says:

    i would like to speak with you about my horrible situation everthing i mention i have paperwork to back me up with facts in 2009 my husband left me while i was in the recovery room from my 13 heart surgery he came back nand put a gun down my throat i got a top and was granted a final, then i got a teop for our then 4 year old son and was granted a final kevin was deputized in boone county on 11-3-09nwith 2 final dvps kevin was not a officer in this state prior. kevin has had me arrested 17 times since becoming a deputy each time either the charges get dropped or i am found not guity by a jury of boone county residents kevin during his tesimony inuniform stated herount of the boone filed the charges to manipulate custody and then perjured himself under oath, in uniform, with the boone county prosecuting attorney, the chief deputy (his boss) and the magistrate of boone county stating he had no dvps against him when he took his oath of office. and prior to his testimony his chief deputy testified that kevin did have 2 dvps and he had to turn his weapon in at the end of each shift. however when kevin denied this and then my attorney handed him the paperwork, he stated he had never seen this. and not one of the three people which is required by law to charge anyone with perjury did anything. anyway, i am a documented victim of domestic violence i have letters from my advocate and counsler and from my physcians who actually reported kevin to aps and cps while we were married. however the worst is that my 4 year old son told dr. dunlap who was putting things in his butt and then took a pen out of the doctors hand and showed the doctor with a hole in the wall what was done to him. dr. dunlap called cps, i filed a edvp it was granted. no one from cps or police showed up. then in may 2010 jax returned from a visit with his dad with 14 human bite marks on his chest arms and back and multiple bruises on him from being kicked but he could not tell me who did this or it would be worse. the next day he said him and daddy took a plan to las vegas and dakota did this. in febuary cps put a saftey plan in place that jax could not be around his 1/2 brothers without 24 hour supervison at all times and i was to be notified and given the opportunity to have jax with me. well i was not told kevin took him out of the state and jax was not supervised. so when i took him to the er for severe abdominal pain jax then revealed to staff how he had been hit and where and by his dad and his dads fathers 3rd wife. additionally he finally told staff who bite and kicked him. also when the doctor made the referral cps informed him that an investigation in 2/2010 resulted in documented/diagnosed sexual abuse/neglect by his 10year old 1/2 dakota and neglect on kevins part. i was unaware and uninformed they even did a investigation. then i find out that in december/january of 2009/2010 cps documented kevin was guilty of using excessive corpral punishment as daily displine for jax t 5 years old. however cps did not follow protocal, did not report this to law enforcement nor put child with non abusive parent. i have been investigated 2x by cps at kevins request and both times found to be at low to no risk. kevin was found to be guilty of neglect which lead to sexual abuse and kevin was found to be at high risk to jax for abuse in the future. then just recently came accross a letter the advocate in greenbrier county wrote to out family court judge stating she contacted branches in cabell county and they were aware of this case and were aware that cps and the legal system was ignoring the sexual, physcial, emotional abuse by kevin to myself and jax. kevin in 32010 when he wrote the arrest complaint against me then drove to logan county to cps to get a saftey plan , the saftey plan was granted and states due to arresting deputies concern for minor child saftey due to the violent circumstances surrounding mothers pending arrest a saftey plan will be issued. again kevin filed the charges, signed the warrent for alleged harassing phone calls. their was no violent circumstance to this. yet once again boone county supported kevins victimization of me by paying him while on duty to file charges and then drive to another county because boone county cps said it was a conflict and the reason for arrest did not require cps involvement so kevin just went to the next county. this is the arrest where a jury found me not guilty and kevin admitted he filed the charges to manipulate custody. i have the dvds from court to verify his testimony. anyway. i have not seen my son in 1 year kevin has moved and notified the court, the judge has never made a final custody order however law enforcement agency will take a criminal complaint of child concealment. i dont know where jax lives, where he started school if he did and no one will help me. i am dealing with the goveners office jennifer ferrell and trooper patterson but still nothing. the attorney general did not get back to me. the coalition of domestic violence was really helping me from 6/2010 threw 7/2011 when my counsler informed me that her supervisor told her they could not longer provide me any services due to personnel reasons. the advocate was to take me to the police station to file a report and 4 days later he called and said due to personell reasons he would no longer help me. in june 2011 joyce and nikki with the coalition was to go with me to cps to review reports that were incorrect and that never happened they got me approved for 1000.00 in attorney fees but wont find me a lawyer. and in the past three months no one will even return my calls. again i have doctor report starting in 2008 from referals to cps/aps for domestic abuse, kevin was arrest in 10/08 for domestic assult and 4 outstanding warrents from neveda and montana. kevin has had his rights terminated to one child and his custodial rights terminated to the other. we have never had a final divorce hearing. i have never testified or spoke in any hearing. and yet i continue to be harassed arrested and threated by every law enforcement agency. i spoke with trooper patterson on 2/2012 regarding conduct and violating my federal rights and harassment of certain troopers and gave him names and dates.i was told by trooper hash in 2/2012 that if i ever called 911 or the state police again over anything but especially deputy mccarty he would arrest me, then he said im not waiting the office pool is who can get you convicted 1st so ill be up soon. he never showed up but about 25 days ago my father myself and my sister notied on 7 different occasions the same car with 3 people in it getting in my mail, opening it and leaving. one evening while running to my house i feel on the wet grass and fractured my back i went to urgent care and they documented why i feel on may 5th about 8 days later my sister was on her way home called me at our mother and said they are out in frount of your house on is at your door and on in your mail i ran out the door down the street kim pulled up and yelled and then the back seet person fired 2 shots at me and then they flew off. i did call 911 trooper hash meet me on rt 60. refused to take a report refused to come to my house to see if anyone was there and told me no one in this county cares and if someone cant back my story up he would arrest me. then in march 2010 judge anderson made an order that eugenia mccarty could no longer file any dvps against the deputy on behalf of her or their son. and in 2011 when i found out kevin had moved, could not find my son, did not have a number nothing i tried to file a dvp for child concealment. magistrate darrell black told me i could be shot in the court house infrount of lawenforcement and judges and i could not be granted a dvp for any reason. in 8/2011 kevin broke 6 bones in my face det. robertson refused to take pictures or file charges. i need help, again i have every document to support everything i have said any suggestions? additionally kevin has never taken a parenting class, we have no parenting plan, ray nolan was appointed gal for jax and was to have a report for the court in11/09 no report. jaxs gal has never seen jax with either parent, he came to my home but jax was not their he meet kevin at a dinner so he has never meet jax does not know where he lives with kevin. never spoke to branche3s or my doctors about the domestic violence never investigated or spoke to anyone especially jax about the molestation sexual abuse and physical abuse. i wont give up and if you would just give me 15 to show you it would blow your mind. my name is gena mccarty 3047435283 1011 sunset terrace milton wv 25541

    Posted on May 13th, 2012 at 6:32 am

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