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Going to College after a Bad School Experience 0

Going to College after a Bad School Experience

If you were bullied at school, then it’s understandable that the thought of attending college may worry you. However, when it comes to advanced education, college students are often more mature and many individuals who had a bad experience at school go on to have the time of their lives at college, meeting people who become their best friends. Anxiety about going to college can be difficult, as not attending could make it more difficult for many people to pursue their chosen career. If you experienced bullying as a child and it’s affecting you as you transition to college life, here are some ways that you might choose to deal with it.

Overcoming a Troubled Childhood With The Power Of Education 0

Overcoming a Troubled Childhood With The Power Of Education

Not all children grow up thinking of anything but escaping their tumultuous family lives. These children have no dreams of being supported while attending college, nor do they generally get help from their guardians in preparation of applying for various schools. After getting to safety, only then can they begin to chart out the rest of their lives, making solid plans to further their education. Institutions of excellence such as Washington State University have aided adults of various backgrounds to beat the odds and put the memories of childhood abuse and neglect to rest. If you have survived childhood abuse and want to build a future that is healthy, safe and free of further trauma, education needs to come first in your life.

How To Beat The Bullies 0

How To Beat The Bullies

Some 3.2 million children globally have been bullied within the past year. If you’re a parent of a teased child, it’s easy to feel helpless and at a loss to know how to help. But there are some scientifically proven methods to improve the situation. Psychologists have revealed five steps parents should take to beat the bullies.

The Cost of Child Abuse 0

The Cost of Child Abuse

Child maltreatment is often measured by lives forever scarred by trauma and families torn apart, but a new study estimates that each case of abuse also carries a hefty price tag. According to researchers with the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center in collaboration and the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, each incidence of child abuse costs the public $400,533 over the course of a victim’s lifetime.

Early Signs of Child Abuse 0

Early Signs of Child Abuse

Children experience different types of abuse including physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Many of them suffer silently for a long time before their parents discover their pain. In most cases of child abuse, the abuser threatens the child against disclosing his or her acts to anyone. Sometimes abuse comes from a close relative or parent, which makes it difficult for the other parent or relatives to learn about it. However, parents and pediatric nurses can look out for some early signs of child abuse.

Choosing the Right School 0

Choosing the Right School

Choosing the right school and the right field of study to focus on is more important than ever. Whether you’re trying to acquire a bachelor’s degree or you want to pursue an MBA from the best online MBA schools available today, taking the time to choose a school and major that suits you is a must. A specific specialization will help you perform better as you enter the job market. Employers also value MBA students with specific sets of skills that are aligned with the position they are filling perfectly.

5 Keys to Combat Trafficking 0

5 Keys to Combat Trafficking

With the power of technology and legal clout, many experts agree that 2017 could be the tipping point in the global fight against human trafficking. An estimated 45.8 million people live in some form of slavery across the world, according to the 2016 Global Slavery Index by human rights group Walk Free Foundation. Yet pressure and awareness are now building, big business is starting to lead the way, new laws are being put in place and potentially game-changing technology is available. We asked experts what they see as the five most important tools in the year ahead to tackle the illegal trade in humans that is worth an estimated $150 billion a year:

Devastating Child Abuse Impacts 0

Devastating Child Abuse Impacts

Abuse and neglect during childhood are linked to poor mid-adulthood socioeconomic outcomes, with greater risk for those who experienced multiple types of maltreatment, researchers reported. According to findings from a population-based study of 8,076 adults in the U.K., 21% experienced one type of maltreatment and 10% experienced two or more types during childhood, wrote Snehal M. Pinto Pereira, PhD, of the University College London Institute of Child Health, and colleagues in Pediatrics.

Death Penalty Info Center 0

Death Penalty Info Center

Vindication for victims and closure for victims’ families are often held out as primary reasons for supporting the death penalty. However, many people in this community believe that another killing would not bring closure and that the death penalty is a disservice to victims. READ MORE HERE

Were You Abused as a Child? This Might Interest You 0

Were You Abused as a Child? This Might Interest You

One of the most common fears among adults who were abused as a child is the fear of being an abusive parent themselves. They have heard it said time and again that children who were abused often grow up to be abusers themselves, and though it would be misleading to say this never happens, it doesn’t need to be the case and often isn’t true at all. If you were among the tens of thousands of young adults who was abused, physically, emotionally or even sexually as a child, here is some information that might interest you. Before writing off having kids of your own, know this.

Inside The Brain of a Pedophile 0

Inside The Brain of a Pedophile

Pedophilia is often thought of as synonymous with child molestation, but this is not always the case. Not everyone diagnosed with pedophilia will commit child sexual offences, and some people who sexually offend against children are not pedophiles. Now a new study has shown there are differences in the brains of those who attack children and pedophiles who have never molested anyone, and the findings could help predict whether or not a pedophile might go on to offend.

Grants & Scholarships for Survivors 0

Grants & Scholarships for Survivors

Since the pursuit of education is one of the most vital parts of healing, empowerment, self-esteem, and independence, many public and private organizations have established scholarships for survivors of crime to help get on the right track to a brighter future. Due to the devastating impact of violent crimes on human development, many victims often suffer from long-term effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiousness, fearfulness, and other disturbing symptoms that make it difficult to function, let alone pursue a degree. Luckily, the following are 25 of the best scholarship opportunities that are available to provide crime survivors with the financial support and resources for recovery in pursuing their dreams.

September: Suicide Awareness Month 0

September: Suicide Awareness Month

September 2016 is also known as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month which helps promote resources and awareness around the issues of suicide prevention, how you can help others and how to talk about suicide without increasing the risk of harm.

UNICEF: 50 Million Children Displaced Worldwide 0

UNICEF: 50 Million Children Displaced Worldwide

Nearly 50 million children throughout the world are ‘uprooted,’ forcibly displaced from their home countries by war, violence or persecution, UNICEF has revealed. In its analysis of global data, UNICEF found there were also one million asylum seekers whose refugee status is pending and approximately 17 million children displaced within their own countries lacking access to humanitarian aid and critical services. Children are also increasingly crossing borders on their own: more than 100,000 unaccompanied minors applied for asylum in 78 countries last year, tripling 2014’s numbers.

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