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Murderer On The Loose 0

Murderer On The Loose

TEXAS – Houston police are calling on the public to help find the man who fatally stabbed an 11-year-old boy as he walked home from school this week, and the reward for information in the case has risen to $15,000. “The murderer is still on the loose at this point,” Houston homicide Lt. Robert Blain told reporters Friday after the surprise announcement that charges had been dropped against the initial suspect, Che Lajuan Calhoun. “It is very important we get this suspect off our streets before he commits another senseless crime ,” Herman said in a release. Police are seeking a black man with a tall thin, build. He was seen wearing black pants and a black shirt, with a green jacked over his shoulders. He would have been covered in blood from the brutal attack, Blain said.

Father Admits to Raping Daughter 0

Father Admits to Raping Daughter

Washington – A Kelso mother is sharing her story about the search for her missing husband all while he was under investigation for allegedly raping their three daughters. Cowlitz County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Robert Maurice Scott, Jr. late Wednesday night at a home 20 miles northeast of his home in Toutle. A probable cause affidavit shows Scott admitted to inappropriately touching his oldest daughter, but denies touching his younger two daughters.

Woman ‘I Found Out My BF Was a Suspected Pedophile At My Child’s Birth’ 0

Woman ‘I Found Out My BF Was a Suspected Pedophile At My Child’s Birth’

A woman has revealed the horror of discovering just hours after giving birth to their son that her boyfriend had been accused of sexually molesting two of his children from a previous relationship. Kristina described that day as one the best days but also one of the worst for her and her family. ‘That was the last day we were able to be a family,’ she said on Dr Phil. Two hours after giving birth, she said her family was ripped apart after Child Protective Services showed up to the hospital and revealed her boyfriend Jayson has been accused of sexually molesting his daughter and son.

Mother’s BF Killed 17-MO Boy 0

Mother’s BF Killed 17-MO Boy

A 17-month-old baby was murdered by his mother’s boyfriend and she then lied to cover up the killing, a court heard today. Toddler Finley Thomas suffered ‘catastrophic’ head injuries after allegedly being attacked by his mother’s lover at home. But mother Chloe Thomas, 25, claimed the child had simply fallen down the stairs when paramedics were called to their home. The emergency crew found Finley unconscious on the living room floor and he died from brain injuries in hospital.

Newborn Twins Severely Abused 0

Newborn Twins Severely Abused

PENNSYLVANIA – A married couple is facing multiple child abuse charges after their two-month-old twin daughters were both found with broken or fractured legs. Michael Shales, 30, and his wife, Melissa Shales, 25, have been charged with felony endangering the welfare of a child, conspiracy and aggravated assault in Bucks County after a police investigation that started in March. The investigation began when Melissa Shales called 911 to report that one of her two daughters was having difficulty breathing.

Mother, Daughters Abducted & Tortured 0

Mother, Daughters Abducted & Tortured

UTAH – The father and son accused of luring a woman and her four teenage daughters to a house in Utah and tying them up while high on methamphetamine are both in custody in Wyoming. At the end of a dramatic five-day manhunt, law officers arrested Dereck James ‘DJ’ Harrison, 22, late Saturday night, several hours after the surrender of his father, Flint Wayne Harrison, 51, the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office said. The various charges the men face include aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault and possession of a controlled substance.

Former Foster Children Reveal Frequent Moves, Abuse 0

Former Foster Children Reveal Frequent Moves, Abuse

TEXAS – Former foster care children described conditions of neglect and sometimes physical and sexual abuse as part of a lawsuit against Texas, prompting a federal judge to declare the system unconstitutionally broken. Here are some of their stories, based on court documents and interviews. After about 25 placements across Texas, Kristopher Sharp refused a move 600 miles away during his senior year of high school. He soon found himself living on the streets of Houston and turned to prostitution “for a place to stay at night or for a meal.”

Priest/Former Catholic School President Suspended Over Rape Claims 0

Priest/Former Catholic School President Suspended Over Rape Claims

A priest and former president of a prestigious Catholic high school on Long Island in New York has been suspended after the order says allegations of sexual abuse of a student were deemed credible. The Marianist order, also known as the Society of Mary, said Friday it conducted a ‘comprehensive investigation.’ Details of the alleged abuse have no been revealed. They say Reverend James Williams has denied the allegations. Prosecutors say the statute of limitations for misdemeanor sexual abuse expired in 2013.

Couple Indicted for Incest, Rape 0

Couple Indicted for Incest, Rape

A Sullivan County couple have been indicted for sexual abuse of the woman’s son, which is alleged to have included filming the crimes being committed against the 4-year-old victim. Brook Antoinette Morrell, 28, and her boyfriend Edward Gene Swift, 37, were arrested Wednesday afternoon and booked into the Sullivan County jail. Court records show the pair were indicted on Tuesday by a Sullivan County grand jury.

Reward Offered In Rape Case 0

Reward Offered In Rape Case

GEORGIA – The mother of a special needs student who reported being raped is now offering a reward to catch the attacker. The mother says Dougherty County School Police told her they hit a brick wall in their investigation. The student’s family hopes a reward will lead to new information. The mother of the 15 year old special needs child says she wants justice for her daughter. The mother says her family decided to offer the reward, because their daughter urged them to.

Convicted Sex Offender Indicted for Child Rape 0

Convicted Sex Offender Indicted for Child Rape

A 66-year-old convicted sex offender is facing similar charges again following an alleged incident in Sugarcreek Twp. Harold Stookey has been indicted on four counts of raping a child under the age of 13 as well as two counts of gross sexual imposition, according to an indictment. Stookey is out of jail on a $100,000 bond and has entered a plea of not guilty to the charges.

Karate Instructor Charged With Child Rape 0

Karate Instructor Charged With Child Rape

DELAWARE – A karate instructor in Delaware is charged with several counts of rape and sexual abuse, and detectives say there may be other alleged victims. New Castle County police report they just learned about the allegations against Carlos Villa in March, but they go back years. They say “a victim disclosed to a trusted adult that Carlos touched her inappropriately multiple times between December 2010 and March 2011” and that adult contacted detectives.

Kiryas Joel FBI Child Abuse Investigation Launched 0

Kiryas Joel FBI Child Abuse Investigation Launched

FBI agents seized numerous records and equipment from two sites in Kiryas Joel on Thursday in connection with a secretly recorded video of a principal and a young boy that has fueled extensive media coverage and prompted a child-abuse investigation. The FBI released no information about the search warrants it executed at the United Talmudical Academy boys school on Getzil Berger Boulevard and at the Kirays Joel Public Safety Department’s trailer on Schunnemunk Road. But an Orange County law enforcement source and a Kiryas Joel source who spoke with FBI agents on Thursday confirmed the searches stemmed from the leaked recording, which was posted on Facebook and distributed in the Hasidic community through WhatsApp less than two weeks ago.

Olympia: 2nd School Bus Driver Arrested for Child Rape 0

Olympia: 2nd School Bus Driver Arrested for Child Rape

Jimmy Wallace Wall is facing multiple charges for child rape and molestation allegations from a former student at Madison Elementary School in Olympia. The accuser, who is now 18-years old, stated Wall raped him on multiple occasions during the 2007-08 school year. The man said he was 10-years old when the abuse occurred. He told Olympia police Wall sexually abused him during school trips to local parks and in a shed located in the field directly behind the boy’s school.

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