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2-MO Baby Found Dead In Bathtub

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SANTA ANA  — A two-month-old girl was found dead in a bathtub at a Santa Ana mobile home park on Friday. Authorities received a call around 4 p.m. about an unresponsive baby found in a Jacuzzi-like bathtub at a home in the 500 block of South Sullivan Street, Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said. The baby’s grandmother grabbed the baby, ran outside holding her, and yelled for someone to call 911. READ MORE HERE

17-MO Toddler Found Dead In Grandmother’s House

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DETROIT  – Sources tell 7 Action News the search for a 17-month old girl who disappeared Friday, has come to a tragic end. Ziya Turner was discovered dead in a bedroom closet at a home in the 18000 block of Brinker on Detroit’s east side. Sources say the body was buried under a pile of clothes. We’re told the toddler’s uncle has been taken into custody. READ MORE HERE


Child Predators

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93% of young children know abuser; nearly half are related

When she was a little girl, “Sarah” found herself receiving some unwanted attention from her father. Anytime the young girl needed a bath, her father wanted to join her and have her wash him in ways the little girl never understood. Years later, Sarah, 27, of Parkersburg, began to understand that she was one of the thousands of victims of child sexual abuse, and it came from within the home and the people trusted to raise her. “I will never understand how my mother could have allowed that, or how he could have done that,” said Sarah, who asked to not reveal her real name. Cases like the one involving Sarah aren’t nearly as uncommon as many people believe, law enforcement officials say. READ MORE HERE


How Child Predators Operate – Part 1 The Molestation Cycle


-Eleven Ways to Spot a Pedophile

-Warning Signs of Child Predators

-Child Predators Tips

-Additional Child Predator Web Sites & Information


Words Direct From Sex Offenders

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Words From Sexual Offenders:
Written by offenders in treatment at the Center for Behavioral Intervention in Beaverton, Oregon

I am probably well-known and liked by you and your child.
I can be a man or woman, married or single.
I can be a child, adolescent, or adult.
I can be of any race, hold any religious belief, and have any sexual preference.
I can be a parent, step-parent, relative, family friend, teacher, clergyman, baby-sitter, or anyone.
I am likely to be a stable, employed, respected member of the community.
My education and my intelligence don’t prevent me from molesting your child.
I can be anybody.
I convince your child they are responsible for my behavior.
I make your child think no one will believe them if they tell.
I tell your child you will be disappointed in them for what they have done “with” me.
I warn your child they will be punished if they tell.
I may threaten your child with physical violence against them, you, a pet, or other loved one.
I may make the child feel sorry for me.
I may “accidentally” expose myself or walk in on children while they are changing or in the bathroom.
I may use situations like tucking kids in at night to touch them sexually.
I may have told my children “this is normal/what all fathers do.”
I may be so good at manipulating children that they may try to protect me because they love me.

112-Yr Sentence for Child Rape

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The father sat hunched on the court bench a few feet from his son. He wept as the verdict was read. His hands hung loosely in his lap, his face slack with grief.  “Yes. Thank God,” whispered the mother on the other side of the room. The girl who said she was raped and sexually abused by Benjamin Scott Marlow from October 2010 to December 2011 trembled as the jury returned guilty verdicts on all charges. She smiled as tears ran down her face.  READ MORE HERE

Pastor Arrested for Molestation

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A well-known pastor of a Fairfield church was arrested last night on suspicion of molesting at least five children in incidents dating back as far as 1994, police said. The Rev. Robert “Silas” Ruark, 65, of St. Timothy Orthodox Church in Fairfield was taken into custody at his Suisun City home after a daylong investigation into the allegations made by the victims, who are all adults now, police said.  READ MORE HERE

Silent Epidemic: Child Sex Abuse Victims Tell Their Stories

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* Editor’s note – This article is the first in a series on child sexual abuse. Additional articles in the series will also run Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.


If the Washington County Health Department were to find that one in three people under the age of 18 had the flu, they’d say they had an epidemic on their hands. But there’s one epidemic raging across the state and nation that has no vaccination to take care of it. Statistics show that one in three girls and one in four boys are sexually abused by the time they turn 18. That figure far exceeds the standard used by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control to determine medical epidemics. It’s an issue gaining national attention recently, with the conviction a week ago of former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, who was found guilty of 45 counts of sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 years. Sandusky gained access to children through his charity, grooming them before the abuse began. His adopted son has said he was also abused, although he was not part of the trial.  READ MORE HERE

Pedophile Karate Instructor Receives 10-Yr Sentence

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A karate expert who sexually abused pupils, including during a lesson on fighting off sex attackers, has been jailed for 10 years. Henry Cook, known as Harry, also had more than 55,000 child porn images and 600 videos on his computer. He abused five girls in his class, one as young as 11, in what the judge at Newcastle Crown Court described as “the most appalling catalogue of sexual depravity” which spanned 26 years. Cook, 62, of Haltwhistle, Northumberland, who has written a critically-acclaimed book on the martial art, even abused one of his young victims during a lesson on how to tackle sex attackers.  READ MORE HERE

Jerry Sandusky’s Adopted Son Describes Molestation That Led To Suicide Attempt

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The adopted son of Jerry Sandusky has detailed the agonising seven years of sexual abuse he allegedly suffered at the hands of his father in an audio recording released today.  Matt Sandusky, now 33, came forward during his father’s child sex abuse trial, which ended last week with the disgraced former Penn State football coach convicted of 45 of 48 charges. In a recorded statement to Pennsylvania State Police, he detailed sporadic instances of abuse that he claimed took place between the ages of eight and 15 at the Sandusky home.  READ MORE HERE

Child-On-Child Rape Trend

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Internet porn, sexting and intimate webcam sessions causing ‘worrying child-on-child rape trend’

Internet porn, sexting and explicit webcam sessions are increasingly putting young people in danger, not just from strangers but their own peers, a report suggests. Parents and schools are struggling to cope with the ever-changing advances in technology and social networking and the effect they have on young people’s behaviour, it warns. Recent research suggests as many as one in three children aged ten has seen pornography on the web and 80 per cent of children in their mid teens admit regularly viewing explicit images and videos.  READ MORE HERE






Juvenile Sex Offenders — Children Who Rape

Children Raping Children

Hidden tide of child-on-child sex attacks


32-YO Woman Had Sex With 14-YO Boy 2-Weeks Before Her Wedding

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Lakeland, FL – Destiny Witte, a 32-year-old Florida woman was jailed Wednesday after she allegedly had sex with a 14-year-old boy two weeks before her wedding day. According to police, Witte and the 14-year-old victim met in person several times and exchanged text messages before deciding to meet at Lake Bonny Park in Lakeland.  READ MORE HERE

Newborn Left In A Box On Church’s Steps

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Alice, TX – A Texas church’s pledge to help pregnant women in their community took on new meaning when a congregation member discovered a newborn infant abandoned inside a shoebox near the church’s front doors. A sign outside the St. Joseph Catholic Church in Alice, Texas promises “Financial or medical aid, along with emotional support or pastoral care for any expectant mother facing a crisis pregnancy.” The church’s only condition, as stated on the sign, is that the child “be allowed to live.”  READ MORE HERE

Mother Sent Video of Herself Abusing Infant to Infant’s Father

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WVIT – A West Haven, Connecticut mother is accused of tormenting and abusing her 10-month baby and video-taping the incidents. It’s disturbing abuse police say that unfolded inside a second floor apartment. Kellie Park is charged with cruelty to persons and other offenses for harming her 10-month old daughter. “That’s good that’s someone’s intervening. I mean she could have killed her,” said West Haven Resident Gordon McGhee.  READ MORE HERE

Court Date Set for Teen Gang Suspect in 1-YO Infant’s Murder

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WATTS, CA — Arraignment is expected Friday for a 15-year-old suspected gang member accused in the shooting death of a 1-year-old boy in Watts. Donald Dokins was arrested on Wednesday. He is charged with one count of murder, with the allegation that it was a gang crime, and one count of attempted first-degree murder. He will be charged as an adult since he is over the age of 14, the District Attorney’s Office said. Dokins faces multiple life sentences if convicted.  READ MORE HERE


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