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“Suffer Little Children,” Morrissey Explores The Moors Murders

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“Suffer Little Children,” Morrissey Explores The Moors Murders When you are young, sometimes tragedies strike you in a deeper place than when you are an adult. However, the impact can stick with you well into your adulthood. Whether or not the tragedy happens to you or is a news story, it can place itself deep in your psyche. If you are a creative person, they might manifest themselves into your work at some point. Such was the case with Morrissey when he wrote “Suffer Little Children” for The Smiths 1984 self-titled debut. The song tells the story of the Moors Murders that took place in Manchester, England between 1963 and 1965 during Morrissey’s youth. Children only a few years older than Morrissey were raped and then murdered by a pair of swastika-crossed lovers, and he couldn’t help but be shaken by this the entirety of his life as it happened proverbially in his backyard.

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley are the notorious perpetrators of the Moors Murders in question. They are a peculiar case study in misguided love and irrepressible evil. They met in 1961 while working together but for months, Brady didn’t give Hindley the time of day. When he finally did, so started a sick obsession as he brought her further into his world. Brady was a deep believer in the righteousness of Nazis and the Aryan race. So much so that after a few months of dating Brady, Hindley dyed her hair blonde and always had her lips adorned in bright red lipstick. They indulged in bondage fantasies, read aloud to each other about Nazi atrocities and drank German wine. Brady had steadily molded Myra Hindley into his ideal woman. Later on in years, during a plea for parole, Hindley was quoted as saying, “Within months he [Brady] had convinced me that there was no God at all: he could have told me that the earth was flat, the moon was made of green cheese and the sun rose in the west, I would have believed him, such was his power of persuasion.”

In no time at all, Hindley had gone from a dour, mild mannered typist to a woman on the verge of desperate acts to satiate the man she loved. It was in July of 1963 that Brady first started spinning tales of committing “the perfect crime”. By mid-July 1963, the pair had murdered their first victim. Pauline Reade was only 16 years old when Brady and Hindley killed her on the Saddleworth Moors. Although she was the first to be killed she was one of the last that the couple confessed to killing.  This is the reason why there is no mention of her in The Smiths’ song.  Reade was raped and her throat slit before being buried there where she died.

Their second victim was 12 year old, John Kilbride.  Morrissey so simply points out “Oh John, you’ll never be a man, and you’ll never see your home again”. He had been picked up by Brady and Hindley, driven out to the Moors, raped and then strangled before being buried in a shallow grave.

Their next victim, also 12 years old, Keith Bennett, murdered in the same exact matter. His remains have never been recovered.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicMoors murder victims, clockwise from top left: John Kilbride, Lesley-Ann Downey, Keith Bennett, Pauline Reade and Edward Evans

Their fourth victim was perhaps treated the most reprehensibly. Lesley- Anne Downey was only 10 years old when the couple abducted her on her way home from a Fair. They took pictures of the young girl naked, and sometimes bound and gagged. They hoped to sell the pictures on the black market. They then broke out a tape recorder and for an excruciating 17 minutes as they tortured her they recorded her screams as she begged to be released. The little girl was heard pleading in various clips, “Let me go”, “Don’t undress me will you?” and “I want to see my mummy” repeatedly.

READ MORE:  http://www.dreamindemon.com/2010/02/25/suffer-little-children-morrissey-explores-the-moors-murders/#more-9373


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WARNING:  Graphic Images!!!

Pre-Natal Child Abuse

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Have you heard of “Crack Mom?”

No? …. Her case might be one of the most important in the country right now.

If the Supreme Court rules that the unborn are not always at the mercy of its mothers whim, that changes everything. If a woman does not have the absolute right to damage her unborn child, there’s no legal argument that a woman always has the right to choose to terminate the baby’s life.

READ MORE:  http://www.ncregister.com/blog/pre-natal_child_abuse/

Cyber-sex upticks child abuse worldwide

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The newly passed Philippine Anti-Child Pornography Law has many people and corporations on the edge of their corporate seat. The Internet Server Providers (ISPs) and corporations are mandated by law to install blocking software to prevent people from accessing child porn websites and to prevent such illegal and horrendous images being accidentally accessed or popping up on web pages.

READ MORE:  http://www.speroforum.com/site/article.asp?id=27124&t=Cyber-sex+upticks+child+abuse+worldwide

Studies Reveal Why Kids Get Bullied and Rejected

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Kids who get bullied and snubbed by peers may be more likely to have problems in other parts of their lives, past studies have shown. And now researchers have found at least three factors in a child’s behavior that can lead to social rejection.

READ MORE: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,584671,00.html

OPRAH SHOW: Monday, 2/8/10–Child Molesters Interviewed!!

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Hi Sandra,

I’m writing on behalf of Harpo Productions to let you know that on Monday, February 8, The Oprah Winfrey Show is airing an all new episode that every parent needs to see.

Oprah is sitting down with four child molesters to get the answers you need to know to protect your children.  Find out how they groom, seduce and gain a child’s trust.  This is an extremely rare chance to hear it straight from them.

You won’t want to miss this special report.  Check local listing for the time the episode air. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Thanks so much!

Allison Bethurem
Future Works
Account Executive
(510) 508-4034

Drop in Child Abuse Rate Doesn’t Tell Entire Story

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(Feb. 3) — The good news first: A new federal study found that child abuse rates have plummeted. From 2005 to 2006, an estimated 553,000 children were sexually, physically or emotionally abused, a 26 percent decrease from 1993.

But there may be a catch. The study was conducted before the recession hit, and child abuse rates rise with unemployment, causing at least one expert to fear that today’s child abuse rates could be far less rosy.

Dr. Linda Cahill, head of the J.E. and Z.B. Butler Child Advocacy Center at New York’s Montefiore hospital, said child abuse is definitely influenced by the economy. “It’s influenced by parental stress, by unemployment, a lack of adequate housing and food,” she said.

While Cahill said the study used “good data,” she cautioned against declaring success in the war against child abuse. Because the study focuses on the reported rate of child abuse, not the actual, she said “it’s impossible to know” what the true rate of abuse is. And Cahill says she hasn’t perceived any drop in suspected cases of abuse at Montefiore. While there’s no data on recent cases, she said, “We are not seeing less abuse than we ever saw before. If anything, we’re seeing more,” she told AOL News today.

The study contains clues that suggest that child abuse rates may be higher today than when the research was conducted. “Children with unemployed parents had two to three times higher rates of neglect than those with employed parents,” the authors wrote. The study also found that children from low-income families were three times more likely to be abused. At 10 percent, today’s unemployment rate is double what it was in 2005, more cause for worry among child advocates.

In the nation’s hospitals, there are already signs that the child abuse rate is rising. In April, Dr. Ann Botash, the director of a Child Abuse Referral and Evaluation Program at the State University of New York, said she was seeing more cases of child abuse than usual.

I usually get one consult a month. And we were quadrupling that,” she told Reuters. “I’m seeing more severe physical abuse. In general there’s a lot more stress right now in society. And it comes out on the kids. They are the weakest link.”

Still, the data, collected from thousands of child welfare workers, teachers, police officers, health care professionals and day care workers across the country, is positive. The incidence of sexual abuse, for example, was down 38 percent from 1993.

And some experts say it suggests that the major increase in child abuse awareness and prevention programs has been a success. Linda Spears, the Child Welfare League of America’s vice president for public policy, told ABC News this week that “there’s much more public awareness and public intolerance around child abuse now.” Abuse, she said, “was a hidden concern before — people were afraid to talk about it if it was in their family.”

Among child advocates and researchers, there remained cause for celebration. David Finkelhor, a child abuse researcher from the University of New Hampshire, told The Associated Press that “it’s the first time since we started collecting data about these things that we’ve seen substantial declines over a long period, and that’s tremendously encouraging.”

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SOURCE:  http://www.aolnews.com/nation/article/drop-in-child-abuse-rate-doesnt-tell-entire-story/19343092

Serving children: Where’s the payoff?

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By nearly every standard, the situation for many Rochester-area children is depressing. Rochester has the highest rates of obesity, low birth weights, and infant mortality of any major metro in the state, including New York City.

READ MORE: http://www.rochestercitynewspaper.com/news/articles/2010/02/Serving-children-Wheres-the-payoff/

Figures paint grim picture of abuse, neglect

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Federal Families Minister Jenny Macklin says she is horrified by new figures that show a large increase in the number of children having to be removed from their families because of abuse and neglect.

READ MORE:  http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/01/21/2798027.htm

DREAMCATCHERS FOR ABUSED CHILDREN—“Top 50” Early Childhood Blog List!!!

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Top 50 Early Childhood Health Blogs

by Ultra Healthy Gal on January 19, 2010

Early childhood…ah, the dreams, the play and the toys — and that’s just from the parents’ perspectives. But, if you are concerned about a child who is sick with a chronic disease, who is overweight or who has questionable emotional or mental development, what can you do? This list of the top fifty early childhood blogs deal with those health, wellness and fitness issues, and you may find some answers here.

The following blogs are categorized and each link is listed in alphabetical order by blog title. The sites listed here have been recently and/or frequently updated and are offered from experienced viewpoints.

Research and Psychology

  1. BabyShrink: What’s going on inside that cute little head? Ask Dr. Heather, and she may have an answer for you.
  2. Center on Media and Child Health: This blog is all about research and news about the effects of media on the health of children and adolescents.
  3. Early Childhood: This blog focuses on policy issues and practices in early childhood studies.
  4. Early Childhood Brain Insights: This blog focuses on the importance of brain development in the early years, and is of interest to teachers, researchers and parents.
  5. Early Childhood Community: These blog posts and discussions center on early childhood professional development.

For Parents

  1. Babies Online: This blog is by a parent for parents and features entries on issues from pregnancy to parenting.
  2. Babylicious: Babylicious is a blog about a mother’s study of the art and science of parenting and her endeavour to raise a happy, confident and successful person.
  3. Babysteps: Nicki provides a positive and informative outlook on parenting issues, including health, wellness and safety.
  4. Child Care: Robin is currently the author of six parenting books, with others in the works.
  5. Early Years Childcare: This newer blog features all aspects of childcare and early years.
  6. News Anchor Mom: Reporting for parents by a parent, this blog provides news articles geared specifically toward children’s health, education and welfare.
  7. ParentDish: This link leads to the “Kids” section of this site, where the focus is on kid safety and health.
  8. Parenting Squad: Parenting Squad is a community of parents, experts, and authors from all walks of life who offer opinions and views on issues that affect children’s health and happiness.
  9. Proud Parenting: This site is a superb resource for anyone who interacts with kids. The link leads to the blogs.
  10. Scrub-a-Dub-Tub: The Reading Tub is a nonprofit for children’s literacy, where parents (and teachers) can find news, book reviews and reading ideas.

Health, Fitness and Safety Issues

  1. Asthma Mom: Billed as a “survival guide for parenting the breathless,” this blog may provide support and information about young children with asthma.
  2. Autism Blog: This blog, written by a parent of a child with autism, approaches this disorder with clarity and sense.
  3. Children’s Health Blog: A wide variety of bloggers submit information to this blog about children’s health issues.
  4. Children’s Hospital and Health System Blog: This blog approaches a wide variety of health and safety issues.
  5. Early Childhood Family Support: This blog is about Special Education law and young children with disabilities.
  6. EBD Blog: This UK blog is about emotional and behavioral disorders found in children and youth populations.
  7. Family Fitness: A former Marine and his wife and kids show readers how to stay fit and have fun at the same time.
  8. Healthy Kids Challenge: This is the blog for the Web site, which is sponsored by Walt Disney World and Cigna, and that focuses on nutrition and exercise.
  9. HIKOOL Childcare: This site provides updated medical and health news just for childcare workers and caregivers (including parents and teachers).
  10. Kids & Health: Robert Nohle, MD, is chief of pediatrics at Group Health Cooperative, one of the nation’s largest consumer-governed health care systems.
  11. My Overweight Child: A super blog filled with tips and stories about how to deal with overweight kids.
  12. Safe Mama: Although this blog is focused on parents, the information may prove interesting to anyone interested in child safety, recalls and eco-conscious resources for early childhood rearing.
  13. Say Ahhh! The Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families offers a blog about children’s health policy.
  14. Thrive: This is the widely-acclaimed blog produced and maintained by Children’s Hospital Boston.

Pediatrician Blogs

  1. Blog from a Pediatrician: Dr. Maud answers questions about early childhood physical ailments.
  2. Dr. David’s Blog: This blog is a popular one, especially for parents who have children with cancer.
  3. Dr. Greene’s Blogs: A variety of pediatric specialists lend their expertise on this blog.
  4. Dr. Gwen Is In: This is one pediatrician mom’s two cents on child health, parenting, pop culture and more.
  5. Dr. Nabong’s Pediatric Blog: This pediatrician, wife, mother of four active boys, friend, cook, teacher and student for life blogs about early childhood issues.
  6. Dr. Sears’ Blog: This pediatrician offers news about kids and about events for kids and their specific diseases on his blog.
  7. Pediatrics Blog: Dr. Iannelli provides a frequently updated blog on children’s health and wellness.

Children’s Rights

  1. Children: Foreign Policy Blogs offers a site especially for children’s rights.
  2. Children’s Human Rights Network Blog: This particular blog, hosted (but not necessarily sharing perspectives) by Amnesty International.
  3. Dreamcatchers for Abused Children: The mission behind this site is to educate the public on child abuse signs/symptoms, statistics, intervention, reporting and more.
  4. Rainbow Families: The Family Equality Council offer a blog that focuses on the successes and issues in diverse family structures, including families with GLBT kids.
  5. Thalamus Center: Dr. Kurylowicz addresses the knowledge and education of human sexuality, gender and sexual orientation in this blog.
  6. The Children’s Rights Institute: This site and its accompanying blog and information provides insight into children’s rights on a global scale.


  1. Dr. Paticia Vardin: Dr. Vardin is Chair of the Early Childhood Education Department and an Associate Professor at Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in child development and early childhood education.
  2. Early Childhood Education: The Keele ECE program is a consecutive education program within the Faculty of Education at York University, focused on early childhood teacher candidates.
  3. Excellence in Early Childhood Education: Deborah Stewart, with experience as a teacher, director, curriculum writer and leader in staff professional development, offers this educational blog.
  4. HATCH Blog: This blog supports educators for young children and focuses on all phases of early childhood development.
  5. Kaplan Early Learning Company Blog: This blog provides teacher and parent resources.
  6. Mr. Chuck Chuck: Daniel J. Gulchak, Ph.D. (Mr. Chuck Chuck) is a former classroom teacher for students with emotional and behavioral disorders. He shares classroom tips in this blog.
  7. Special Education Law Blog: A fresh look at special education law-mostly in understandable English.
  8. Topics in Early Childhood Education: As an early childhood, reading, and literacy consultant for the last decade, John Funk has written on early childhood subjects and products for McGraw Hill and Leap Frog.

SOURCE:  http://ultrasoundtechschool.org/2010/top-50-early-childhood-health-blogs/

How Police Deal with Investigating Child Abuse

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Posted: 9:06 PM Feb 1, 2010

How Police Deal with Investigating Child Abuse
The horrors of child abuse can be difficult to listen to when you hear news reports. But when it’s your job to get the facts and basically save a child, it can take a toll.

Dealing with Child Abuse

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) — The horrors of child abuse can be difficult to listen to when you hear news reports.

But when it’s your job to get the facts and basically save a child, it can take a toll.

WSAZ.com’s Amanda Barren explains how State Police prepare themselves and deal with cases of true despair.

When it comes to child abuse, the images are gut-wrenching and the numbers are growing. It also means seeing the world in a different way for the folks on the front lines.

In West Virginia, lawmakers are being asked to fund more police officers to deal with crimes against children.

So far, members of the West Virginia State Police have had a 100 percent conviction rate when it comes to these situations.

State Police First Lt. D.L. Frye says communication with officers is key, as well as some time away from the graphic nature of investigating child abuse.

SOURCE: http://www.wsaz.com/home/headlines/83306437.html


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